Fall Fashion Trends 2012

With autumn well underway (and winter approaching much of the world), fall fashion trends are in full swing! Wondering what’s hot and what’s not right now? Here are a few sartorial suggestions, from jackets to jewelry, to add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe during the darker months of the year.  

Winter Coats in Summer Colors

Images courtesy of Couverture & The Garbstore and Moncler

The trend I’m seeing pop up all over the internet this fall is the idea of designing winter coats, typically in darker more somber colors or monochromatic shades, in bright, airy, vibrant summer colors like cobalt blue, or spring green. What better way to brighten up a rainy fall or winter afternoon than marching outside in this warm orange Shasta Wool Hepburn coat, or perhaps this acid green peacoat by Acne? Designers across the fashion world are embracing this trend, and I have to say, the fashion landscape does look a little less gloomy than usual this time of year because of it.  

Bold Patterned/Graphic Pieces

Images courtesy of Style and Vogue

Another trend seen at many of the Fall Fashion Week runways this year could be seen in the bold patterns and graphics gracing everything from pencil skirts to sheath dresses to pantsuits. Modern cuts and styles help keep these retro patterns fresh and new – one of these head-to-toe outfits will certainly make you stand out from the monochrome crowd!  

Heirloom Jewelry

Image courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Heirloom jewelry is everywhere this fall; the bigger and more bejeweled, the better! Everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Lanvin to Banana Republic has released pieces that look like they were passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. With all the multi-drop earrings, oversized pendants, and cocktail rings available this fall fashion season, you’ll feel like royalty every time you leave the house.  

Statement Collars

Image courtesy of Glamour

The statement collar has been a fashion staple for a while now, but its popularity hasn’t diminished one bit, if this fall’s trends are any indication. Conventional wisdom says a statement collar is best worn with a plainer, more subdued top in order to give it a chance to really shine, and you can find these detachable collars everywhere from elite designer websites to Etsy, although I know quite a few of you ArtFire folks could whip one of these up yourselves at home quite easily!  

Oxblood Reds

Image courtesy of Straight From The Pages

Easily the hottest shade in the fashion world this fall, “oxblood” characterizes a series of dignified, burgundy red/brown/plum hues that can flatter just about any skin tone and frame if the proper hue is chosen. Tommy Hilfiger’s shiny burgundy coats were seen as the “hero piece” of the season, according to Glamour.com, and I saw oxblood pop up everywhere from these waxed skinny jeans at Wet Seal to this gorgeous shirt dress from AllSaints. I particularly fell in love with this Alexander McQueen zip leather pencil skirt – paired with these leather ankle panel boots from Versus, you’d be unstoppable! Hope you all enjoyed this glimpse at the fall’s hottest styles and trends, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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