Fall Trends to Start Thinking About

  It’s August and even though it’s still HOT as ever everywhere people are starting to get excited about fall trends.  I thought it would be fun to explore some of the big trends that will be HOT for next season.  Check out what She Finds recommends for transitioning your summer clothes into fall.  I think this is the smartest way to not have to go out and buy a ton of brand new clothes. -Embellish from head to toe.  You can wear the embellishments on your clothing item or find handbags or shoes that have the fun extra design. -Equestrian: I love this trend.  So classic.  Burberry or Ralph Lauren do this amazing.  Riding boots and plaid are at the top of the list when playing with this trend. -Red is in…but, I like the color of oxblood which is a deeper more maroon look.  It can be paired with black or worn monochromatic. -Statement pants: It’s all about taking on the print with the pants and I LOVE it! -Pant suits:  They return, but aren’t so basic by coming back with prints. -Leather, leather, leather: It’s everywhere and I find it interesting that leggings are now in leather.  Just shows that leggings are going nowhere. -Keep it cozy in sweaters: A fun tip I read was to pair the cozy sweater with silk trousers. -Fatigue is everywhere and I am LOVING it!  I can’t wait to wear my husbands old fatigues this fall with the unexpected looking styles that can be found even at J. Crew! -Tasseled loafers are EVERYWHERE!  There are tons of DIY ideas on how to do this with your loafers from last year. -Collars stay big for fall.  You can either buy them at stores and add them to your collarless pieces…or, do like I plan on doing and have fun with the endless amount of DIY projects to try. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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    looks like a lot of grey and black for fall?

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