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Lullaby Loo was the winner of the #ArtFireWorks Ad Contest, we’re lucky and proud to have her in our community.  Congratulations on all the hard work & success Loo! 

Loo's Blog

Front page of Loo’s Blog

She has sold over 8000 handmade invitations through her ArtFire shop, averaged over $1000 in sales per month and best of all, she’s a work-at-home-mom!  ArtFire definitely works for this active & dedicated seller.

“What drew me in immediately was the very low seller fees (only $12.95 per month) and the fact that they do not take a percentage of your sales.”

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Loo in the flesh

“In 2011, I was already selling baby shower invitations and kids party invitations on another site and it was through the forums there that I heard about Artfire.com.”

Now Lullaby Loo Invitations averages just over $1,000 a month on ArtFire.  When asked what makes ArtFire work for her business, she says “there is no ONE thing that makes ArtFire work, but a combination of powerful seller tools.” From Loo’s winning entry:
  • First and foremost is something that I rarely think about (because I don’t have to) and that is the Google feed.  Every time I list a new product, it is automatically submitted to Google!
  • The listing process is very easy and just got even easier with an optional Convenience Feature Pack upgrade – which I immediately opted for, which allows me to create a new listing by copying an existing one and making a few changes.
  • My personal favorite is the social media links on each and every item that I list.  This allows me and viewers to post my listings to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Wanelo, and more.
  • There is also a ‘Share this Shop’ option from the front page of my Artfire studio.  If a customer loves my shop, they can share it instantly to Twitter, stumbleupon, Google+, and Facebook.
  • There is also a blog right inside my studio!  I’m not a faithful blogger, but I do add things to my studio blogthat draw traffic into my shop.
Take a look at the complete entry here: http://lullabiestolollipops.com/artfireworks/

My ArtFire studio gives me the boost of income that I need each month to stay at home with my kids, like I have always wanted!

Loo is able to spend time with her children at home while running a successful online business.

Loo & her kids

Specializing in invitations for life changing events from prenatal through grade school, Lullaby Loo has a selection of baby shower invitations, birthday party invitations, holiday party invitations and other more casual occasions, such as a sleepover or tea party.
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Loo's invitations available on her ArtFire shop Loo’s invitations available on her ArtFire shop


Loo’s latest design

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Christy aka “Loo” designs her invitations from the comfort of her living room

Take a look at Lullaby Loo’s ArtFire shop:


Keep up with Lullaby Loo Invitations on social media: TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram, Google+    

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