Fire For Your Home

Using Fire as a Theme for your Home Decor


Fire has been a source of inspiration and fear since the dawn of time.  Those who managed to control these sources of fire were able to make good use of it by making it a popular theme in countless iteration throughout different art forms.  Consequently, it has been used as a décor theme in various styles and historical periods as well.  If you are thinking about using fire as a theme for decorating your home, here are several practical suggestions to make this décor a success.

Fire Up the Walls

Nowadays, you can actually have a “fire” in any room of your home.  By painting the appropriate colors to whatever walls you choose, this will become the center of your fire décor in your home.  This does not mean that they need to be monochromatic.  As you well know, fire comes in various color palettes, with red being the central one of course.  Therefore, you have several colors and numerous shades available for creating a suitable wall color or colors.  As long as you keep to an analogous color principle, you will be just fine.


Works of Art


This is another area where fire has been a symbol and an eternal inspiration.  When it comes to visual art, it can be found anywhere from paintings and statues to comics, graphic design, and photographs; practically in any major or subgroup.  Therefore, finding one, or several for that matter, should not be a problem.  You can opt for a single dominant piece that would cover an entire wall, or several smaller ones that you could place throughout your home.  In either case, they will certainly liven up your home.

Modern Abstract Red Fire Works Painting by SplashyArt



Fireplaces have been used in both traditional and contemporary designs.  Traditional looking stone made fireplaces are a symbol of family gatherings, warmth, and those good old times that are so often portrayed in family movies (especially around Christmas time).  Why not have one at your home and enjoy the similar spirit throughout the whole year?

Fire Place Vinyl Wall Decal by Stickerbrand

Fire pits


On the other hand, if you are a contemporary design person, a fire pit should be your preferred choice; since it fits perfectly in any type of modern design.  However, there is no reason for despair if you already have a traditional looking fireplace.  You can give it a more contemporary look by adding a special ingredient.  The beautiful shine of fire glass in your fire pit or fireplace will give a completely new dimension to any atmosphere without being too imposing.

Fire Pit Table made of Concrete and Glass by BSquaredInc.



Fire does not have to be the dominant or dynamic force.  There is nothing better for a romantic setting than the inviting and calming light of candles.  In addition, the soothing smell is a pure bonus.  If you like to spend your evenings enjoying a nice dinner, soothing wine, and chatting with your loved one, candles are a fire décor you should go for.  Carefully placing candleholders around your bathtub will be another idea well worth considering.

Wine Bottle Hanging Lantern Candle Holder by BoMoLuTra

Feng Shui Principle


Fire is one of the essential elements in the Feng Shui philosophy.  When balanced right, fire bearing shapes and colors will bring creativity, passion, love, and success to any home.  Therefore, to establish a fruitful fire atmosphere in your home, choose decorative elements of red, orange, yellow, purple, or magenta color.  You can use triangular or starry shape and position them in south, southwest, center or northeast areas of your home.

Feng Shui Vinyl Wall Decal by vinylwallart

Just like in nature, fire can be a good servant or a bad master when it comes to your house décor.  Stick to the less is more principle, and you will surely incorporate it well.  Therefore, take your time, finish an idea, and let it rest for a while.  If you feel that you are still missing some fire, only then should you add new elements to keep up with the gradual course until you are fully pleased.

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