Following and Profiles + Changes to Fees: Latest from ArtFire

Improved Connections Through Following and Profiles

Profiles_FollowigThis week we’re introducing new Profiles and a following feature.

Shoppers (and merchants) can now build a profile and display their favorite shops and items, as well as their followers and who they’re following.  Following gives shoppers and merchants a new way to interact, build a following of fans and become trendsetters.  If you like the selections of another user you’ll now be able to see those items and shops that she adds to her favorites lists.  This feature also helps us make more intelligent custom recommendations and provide a better shopping experience.

Changes to Fees | Sales Commissions

In June we’ll be introducing a change to the fee structure for new ArtFire merchants which includes tiered plans ranging from a commission-only seller account, to shops and stores with more features, unlimited items, an option to lower your commission rate and increase on-site exposure.  The commission percentage is variable based on each merchants’ needs and account type and allows us to better fund marketing efforts, bring in more traffic to the marketplace and continue to improve overall site performance.

Collecting commissions on sales is a common practice for online marketplaces as it better economically aligns the partnership between a marketplace and merchants and increases our ability to invest in item specific advertising such as retargeting and paid search.  Commissions on sales are also the most fair and accurate method for attributing costs to small and larger merchants alike as in most cases sales volume directly correlates with site usage, resource allocation and marketing spend.

As part of the introduction of the new tiered plans we’ve taken into consideration the many suggestions sent to us about ads on ArtFire, and have created several plan levels that offer a reduced or eliminated presence of 3rd party ads in shops and item pages.

There are several different classifications for seller accounts based on the offers made available over the years, your account may be handled differently than another account.  If you’re a longstanding member of ArtFire you may be eligible for a special offer and custom plan rate.  To find out how these upcoming changes will affect your specific account, login to your ArtFire account and visit your Billing Information page.

Email Verification (Phone and Address verification coming soon)

With the re-introduction of a commission-only no money up front shop new systems of verification are being added for merchants to help increase marketplace quality and ensure adequate contact information is on hand should customers request any assistance.


Email verification is now available to all existing users and will soon be a requirement for new Merchants.  To make sure your email is verified in our new system, visit your My Account Info page and check for a message about sending or re-sending a verification message.

Thank you for your continued participation and contribution to the success of the ArtFire marketplace and community!
Sincerely, John Jacobs, CEO

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