Four Simple Ways to Add Bright Color to Your Home this Spring

Countless studies have been conducted by psychologists, researchers, and designers on the powerful impact of color on our emotions and moods.

And it makes sense why the first signs of springtime—warmer weather, more daylight, songbirds in flight—inspire us to ditch our drab winter wardrobes for something more energetic.  After all, this is the time of year when we’re suddenly surrounded with the bright greenery and bursting blooms of color that we’ve been missing for so many frosty months. So why not celebrate that inspiring color wherever you can? Here’s are some easy ways to give your home—and mood—an energetic lift.

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Energize Your Entry

There’s no better way to infuse your home with lively color than to give your front door a makeover in a cheery new hue. Painting your front door in a bright and enthusiastic color is like a warm smile for anyone who walks in—it tells your visitors that you’re fun and don’t take life too seriously. Best of all, this home update is simple and cheap, too — scope out the “oops” paint section at your local hardware store, where you can snag a can of accidentally mixed paint for a steal.

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Paint the Overlooked Spots

Here’s a unique way to get rid of that leftover paint from your front door update—use it to paint your window trim. People often overlook this unexciting spot, but it’s a clever way to add a little cohesion to your bright color. If you use it on the exterior, it can balance out the anchor of your bold front door hue. It’s also useful for refreshing the time-worn scratches and dings, giving the look of new windows, and it adds instant curb appeal, for a small touch with big impact on your home’s sense of welcoming. If you have any leftover paint after updating your window trim, use it for the insides of a favorite bookshelf for a vivid pop of color in an unexpected place.

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Get an Update in a Can

Whether it’s the ratty wicker chair on the front porch, the steamer trunk gathering dust in the attic, or the bland side table that’s screaming for a makeover, there’s bound to be at least one piece of outdated furniture in your home that could stand a color refresh—and all it takes is a cheap can of spray paint! This small-scale project is the perfect opportunity to be adventurous—try a color here that you’d be hesitant to use elsewhere, like flamingo pink, lemon yellow, or a bold cerulean. The best part about spray paint is that it’s cheap, easy, and virtually goof-proof.

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Looking for something a bit less messy? For a paint-free option, go the fabric route and spiff up your textiles for something splashy. Bedsheets or blankets in vibrant shades, couch cushions in springy floral patterns, and hand towels or throw rugs in punchy hues will be an instant breath of fresh air for your home’s interiors. These are cheap and easy to update. Plus, you can bring them out each season—much like your Christmas tree or pumpkins—for an instant color makeover at the very first sign of spring every year!

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