Freaky Friday!

After a bit of a hiatus, Nosh is back online! For my first post back, I stumbled across this amazing thread on Reddit the other day, and since it’s officially October now, I decided it would be in the spirit of the season to post 20 of my favorite photos from inside the apparently quite terrifying Nightmares Fear Factory Haunted House in Niagara Falls, NY. With Halloween coming up, I hope you all enjoy these frightened folks on this fall Friday! The girl on the right is hands down my favorite part of this photo. Backwards baseball cap is doing a great job protecting the ladies here. The waterbottles just kill me. Looks like the train’s starting to derail! “Don’t worry, ladies, I shall protect you!” Digging the invisible sax solo green shirt is laying down right here. Eeheeheehee the woman on the left! Represented here from left to right are the Four States of Progressive Panic. Dude on the right has on one of the most impressive windbreaker suits I have ever seen. Someone certainly seems to be…enjoying himself? The guy on the left has my favorite face in this entire series. I seriously can’t stop giggling looking at him. Guy #1 doesn’t look too happy that Guy #2 decided to make a run for it! Come on, Dad. Stripes and plaid? Really? Looks like Exceedingly Tall Boyfriend has things under control here! Can’t say the same for any of these ladies, though. Pretty sure this haunted house just obliterates the manhood of any guy that sets foot inside of it. I rest my case. Maybe the kid on the right was going for some kind of variation on the haka? Chaos. Glorious chaos. And finally, my absolute favorite of all of these. 😀 If you guys thought these pictures were hilarious, you should check out the haunted house’s Flickr feed for tons more amazingly hilarious pics!

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