From Plain Terrace to Perfect Garden

Changing Your Terrace Into The Picture Perfect Small Garden

Changing the terrace into the picture perfect small garden1

Guest Blog by Heather Roberts


The basics are 4:

A beautiful arrangement is the key for making the perfect small garden at home; the right choice of flowers, plants and pots is essential for altering their perfect arrangement; applying some visual effects is always a must do for urban gardening; and some tips for garden maintenance are always useful too.

Take a look:


Let’s take the arrangement in colors – a great idea is to plant only bright flowers that grow throughout most of the year and which will keep your terrace colorful for a longer time.  Roses and jasmines are a great example.  They require quite less space, compared to some big trees like fruit trees and other edibles, although it’s hard to beat the bright color of the red roses.

Image via Countrygarden

Another great tip for small gardening is to plant numerous rows of strawberries near the floor, which will keep the good highlight on the red roses, as well as are small plants in the meantime.  Another great idea is to arrange the garden according to different shapes & forms, which is a great way to change the mood in a room, by simply rearranging the locations of some pots & plants every month or so.  Combine the plants with big leafs in one corner of the garden and put the flowers with only a few leafs in another corner of the garden.  This simple trick for landscaping is a great way to keep the required leaf clearance for sufficient sunlight in the terrace, on the porch or patio.


Which flowers and pots:

This is the next important thing to keep in mind, which will provide your small garden with a more visually pleasing advantage.  A multitude of small similar pots is perfect if you want to add a feeling of more like a small decorative garden.  If you want a more simple and unobtrusive layout we recommend only a couple giant pots that take almost a half of the floor space.

Planting in baskets is also a great tip that people use for decorating the walls via hanging baskets full of flowers and colors.  Yet the choice of the pots should be related with the choice of the plants, which is determined by the months.  The colors and materials of the pots themselves are very important, especially if you alter the warm feel when one gets just by looking at the plants on the warmer, south, wall.  It can really grow vertical by using some modular gardening techniques.  This is a very reliable gardening technique for small terraces, rooms, wooden decks, and for saving floor space.

Image via lovelythings

Add depth with mirrors:

What better way to enhance the visual effects by making your small garden to look bigger!  Only a couple large mirrors should be enough, especially when placed in the right directions.  Thus, you can play with the sunlight reflections and the shadows.  A small open garden with a large mirror hanging on the ceiling can really give you that feel of a huge garden, as well as surrounded by flowers and plants.  According to the garden clearance and the empty spaces – put a couple of mirrors so they reflect their own reflections to achieve the effect of an infinity garden.  Or else, add depth in the nighttime via hidden small artificial lights within leafs and pots.

Finally, prevent your small garden from getting dirty and from bugs.

The open gardens should be carefully maintained to keep away the bugs, while a good soil drainage is essential for growing healthy plants and to keep the moisture down.  Leaf collection every month is another thing to put high on your maintenance schedule.

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