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As Nosh readers should know by now, I am a big lover of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and DIY bloggers.  But, I found a recent Chictopia article interesting about whether or not a DIY project inspired by designer items or items from a store are knock offs.  What are your thoughts?  As handmade designers would you be flattered or offended if someone DIYed your unique design? Well, here are a few DIY projects I’ve found on the web.  I say it’s all about making things your own and being inspired by others.  Nothing is ever going to be exact, and you make things work for you.  So, I saw it’s flattery.   DIY: The Studded Converse

Image from Chictopia article

I’ve started to really love studded DIY projects.  They are so easy and add so much edge to basic items like sneakers, as seen above.  Denim items, collars, clutches and more.  Have you used studs for any DIY projects? DIY: Rope + Crystal Spike Necklace

Image from stripes + sequins blogger

I I just love the idea of using items from a hardware store that I would have never given a second glance.  I used to HATE going into places like ACE  or Home Depot with my hubby.  But, now I’m ready and willing:) DIY PRINTED PALAZZO PANTS

Image from a pair & a spare

These pants are so chic and timeless!  I have to admit, I probably wouldn’t make these myself.  But, she has made it look so easy that I would just take the directions into a tailor with the fabric I’d want to use and voila, my very own palazzo pants.   Have fun creating! Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 

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