Funny Animal Friday!

Because Halloween is on the approach, and because I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend my afternoon than Googling “funny animals in costumes”, here’s 20 animals in ridiculous Halloween costumes to brighten up your Friday! I can’t stop laughing. I just can’t. KITTY IS GRUMPY. From chihuahua to Cerberus. Not a bad upgrade. This bunny is so fat. Oh my goodness. Never thought I’d classify a Headless Horseman costume as adorable, but…yeah. Speaking of adorable…*squee* Flying a plane is serious business, as this ferret aviator clearly knows. The best kind of Chia Pet ever! Looks like Scarlett has gone full derp.

World’s most patient cat? World’s most patient cat.

For all you Trekkies out there… 😀

Looks like this kitty had something to say about being turned into Nyan Cat!

Captain Jack Sparrow looks pretty chill in his sweet costume.

If I were the photographer, I’d be afraid for my life right now.

I…I just…there are no words.

Vader Kitty looks ready to command the Empire any day of the week.

Batdog, on the other hand, just looks confused.

I love this Gumby/Pokey costume combination!

Better make sure you have some garlic on hand around this scary little hedgehog.

Alright, all together now: b’awwwwwwwwwwww!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday and enjoyed these goofy pets in costume!

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    Thanks for sharing. All of these are too cute!!

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