Artistic Virtual Model of the world's first Tweet-A-Cola machine!

Artistic Virtual Model of the world’s first Tweet-A-Cola machine!

“Like us on Facebook, re-tweet, re-pin,” are phrases becoming part of our social media vocabulary, but how often do you get rewarded for these actions? The world’s first Tweet-A-Cola machine allows you to get compensation for promoting Maker House in the form of a fizzy drink. ArtFire spoke to Ian Tracey, the Co-founder of Start Up Tucson student chapter about creating this revolutionary new technology. “The machine works by using a credit card sized computer called Raspberry Pi, the function of this device is to constantly be scanning the Twitter API for the hashtag #azmakerhouse. When that hashtag is tweeted, the Raspberry Pi sends an electrical current to the machine, letting it know that a credit has been issued and allows the user to get a soda.” A group of computer programmers, entrepreneurs and business majors made the Tweet-a-Cola machine as part of the Make-a-Thon hosted by Start Up Tucson at Maker House in February. It took them about 24 hours worth of solid work to get the machine up and running properly, which included designing the aesthetic, fixing the original mechanics and implementing the innovative mechanism itself. The team decided to integrate the retro features of the machine with a fitting retro font and the rest would be modern, blue and white Twitter colors and the little bird logo, to visually indicate that historical resources can be used to produce an entirely new and relevant product. This idea is catching on, Seeds of Change is using a vending machine to distribute seeds to promote gardening much in the same way.

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