Get Prepped for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 12th and just around the corner.  It’s time to start prepping a grand gift for your mother if you haven’t already.  And I say it’s not about how  much the gift is, but rather the meaning behind it and how much she will cherish the symbol representing your love and appreciation for her.  With that said, a gift should always reflect the mother.  Be it you have a fashionista mother, a homemaker mother, a working mother etc.  I think it is also good to keep in mind that handmade gifts whether the items is made by you or someone else really makes a gift stand out.

With that in mind, here are a few gift ideas to help you decide on what to get your special mother:

  • Start with handmade soaps and go from there.  Any mother is in need of some serious R&R regardless of what she does or how old her children are.  I say, get the soaps au natural of course in fragrances she likes as well as lavender to promote relaxation.  And then, purchase items that can go along with the “theme” of this gift, being relaxation.  A nice, au natural wash cloth, great oils, create a CD with relaxing songs, handmade candles, the list can go on and it’s so much fun.  Everything can have such a great meaning with this gift.
  • If you have a busy, on the go mom.  Great items for organizations would be fun.  But, finding handmade items, or creating them yourself can make their day even more special with little items they know they received from you.  Pens/pencils with their names on it, notepads with quotes from you.  You can do so much with this.  And even find a great tote bag with a design you know would make their day:)
  • For a fashionista mother I’d say finding unique vintage gifts that no one else will be able to find as a great gift.  Like an amazing handbag, or beautiful earrings.  Maybe getting a few accessories for her to wear to a beautiful dinner out with the kids.  Have someone take the photo of the event and she will cherish those items, that photo and the memories forever.
What type of gifts have you given in the past?  What are your thoughts on creating or buying handmade items for your mother this year?   Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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