Get ready for Father’s Day

It’s time for Father’s Day.  Artfire has 78 pages of great items to choose from for every type of dad.  What type of items are you looking at getting for your dad?  Here are a few of the items that caught my eye: Cufflinks can be used by every father.  Even if the father isn’t a business man or doesn’t wear a suit everyday, I’d say this can be for special occasions.  Maybe the child, or family plans a special dinner so everyone can dress up. I think that this Dad’s mug would be a cute theme gift item. This bag is a great option for a new daddy instead of using the normal diaper bag. A personalized onesie would be so cute for a new daddy too. Tools are good for every type of dad.  There is always some type of house project they can use these tools for and think of the gift from their child. Artfire also offers a variety of handmade Father’s Day cards which can be personalized. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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