Get ready for Labor Day on September 3rd

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It’s only a few weeks a way from a holiday that will kick off the fall holidays that we look forward to, and end the summer festivities we leave behind. It’s also the point where people used to say that it was the last day you could wear white.  Those rules don’t count anymore, but if you’d like to it would be a fun weekend to rock the rest of your summer white gear. 🙂 Anyone that works in the government can get ready to have a four day weekend full of relaxation, while many kids will be starting school right after Labor Day.  The must-have thing to do for Labor Day weekend is a BBQ.  Here are a few ideas for what to do from Pinterest that I found.  What are you planning? -Get your kids ready for back-to-school and celebrating Labor Day and careers by creating career crafts.  It makes the time off with your kids a fun learning experience. -Consider this an opportunity to bring back any of the items you still have left over from the Fourth of July festivities for your gatherings you might have…AKA BBQ:) If you don’t have any decorations left ever.  Consider some of these great ideas for decorating on Labor Day. -A new food to try for your last BBQ of the summer, Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Sandwiches.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  It’s nice to change it up and use a fruit  you won’t be eating as much during the winter months. -Take a staycation with the family to close out the summer.  There are so many great local deals to take advantage of…start looking into things now and you’ll have something fun to do.  Like in Arizona resorts have great events for families and have rooms  at a fraction of the price. -Don’t forget about sale, sale, sales!  And use this four day weekend to catch buyers eyes with a promo you can run for your store. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 

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