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‘Tis the season of giving and we’re in the spirit!

-Christmas is a season for kindling the (1)

This contest is now closed.

You didn’t think we had forgotten about the #GiftAShop Contest did you? Winners, please email with instructions on how you want to use your free one year subscription! In other words, are you gifting it to someone else or yourself? Please use the subject line “Gift A Shop.”

#GiftAShop Winners

We’re giving away 10 ArtFire shops with a one year subscription! Plus each shop gets a complimentary $25 Google Boost.

Update: For current ArtFire members – the free one year subscription can be added to your account if you wish to gift the shop to yourself.  You could think of it as a gift from us to you 🙂  It’s super easy to snag one for yourself or a talented friend in need of a quality online shop. Just follow these four easy steps:
  1. Open a free ArtFire account (if you don’t already have an account) – A free buyer account lets you hot-list items and create curated collections which you’ll do in step 4.  Sign up as a buyer by clicking hereContest starts on December 8th at 8 a.m. (AZ time) and the deadline for submissions is December 22nd 11:59p.m. (AZ time)
    When opening your account make sure you click on the "Buyer" option.

    When opening your account make sure you click on the “Buyer” option.

  2. Follow us on Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest

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  3. Curate a Collection – You can follow the steps to create a Collection on ArtFire here.  Checkout recent collections by ArtFire members here. Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.37.46 PM
  4. Share your collection with us on Social Media using the hashtag #GiftAShop.  You can share your collection on as many of our channels as you’d like, but sharing it more than once will not increase your chances of winning.  The hashtag allows us to track submissions, make sure to include it along with a link to your awesome collection!

Gift a shopcontest

Tips on how to create an awesome (and note worthy) collection: 

  1. Think of a theme that you believe will make a fabulous collection, search on ArtFire to see if there are enough products that fit within this theme to create a quality cohesive collection.
  2. Quality product photography will play a roll in whether or not you select a product to be in the collection.
  3. Try to select images and products that do not have large or obstructive watermarks covering the product.
  4. If you are the owner of an ArtFire shop, select a maximum of one product from your shop to be in the collection, the other 11 products must be from other sellers shops, this starts a cycle of positive promotions between sellers.
  5. These collections are featured each day on the homepage in addition to being sent out to thousands of followers via email and social media, so the chances of getting your products seen is very high once your collection is made and selected.
Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 1.01.39 PM

How to Hot-List (favorite) and item. You must be logged in to favorite an item.

Curious to know what an ArtFire Curated Collection looks like? Click here and subscribe to our Fantastic Finds emails.

You can learn how to make a Curated Collection by heading to the Help Guide Center here.  The ArtFire Collection engine allows every member of ArtFire to produce curated collections of products available for sale on ArtFire.  Pro users can create an unlimited number of collections while users with Buyer accounts are limited to one collection per 24 hour period. Creating a collection on ArtFire is easy and fun. For this contest there are only a couple requirements that we ask you take into consideration for your collection.


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.32.36 AM * Some items in the above collections may not be the item originally intended for the collection because they were sold.  Creating Curated Collections on ArtFire can be quite a powerful thing.  TERMS & CONDITIONS
  • The contest is open to accept entries from any person from any country unless otherwise prohibited by local law.
  • Limited to one collection per contestant.  This contest is not endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest.
  • Contest entry will be based on your collection and social media share with the hashtag #GiftAShop.
  • The free shop will be of $20 tier and will last for a year with a $25 Google Boost.
  • No purchase necessary, purchase will not improve your chances of winning.  This contest is void where prohibited.  Any entry received from a location where this promotional sweepstakes violates local regulations shall not be considered a valid entry to win.
  • ArtFire’s marketing and content team will review contest entries and will select 10 winners.
  • ArtFire employees and family members of employees are not eligible to enter any contests offered by ArtFire. Any entries from an employee or family member of an employee will be considered an invalid entry.

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