Gifts In A Jar

Gifts in a jar are simple to put together and look great.  These ideas are especially good for those of us who have a fairly limited budget, but would still love to make something for friends and family.

Holiday Cookie Mix

Courtesy of A Southern Fairytale

This is a fairly straight forward, and delicious, cookie-mix-in-a-jar from A Southern Fairytale.  It takes 10 minutes to cook once mixed, and will give your lucky recipient roughly two dozen cookies to enjoy.   It includes M&Ms, and I’ll be honest; it’d be difficult for me not to pick those out to eat separately.  🙂

Sand Art Brownies

Courtesy of Yumly

The color brown has never looked as attractive to me as it does in this jar of brownie mix from Organized Home.  The recipe calls for walnuts or pecans, but I’m not too big on adding those into my brownies.  Instead, if I made this recipe, I’d likely just throw in some extra chocolate chips.  Maybe even some butterscotch chips!  It’s difficult for me not to abandon writing this article to go make these instead.

Sugar Cookie Bath Salts

Courtesy of Social Couture

There are not many food scents I’d enjoy soaking in, but this is definitely one of them.  Social Couture has posted an article detailing instructions on how to create your own cookie-scented bath salts, using vanilla and a little bit of cinnamon.

Candy Cane Bath Salts

Courtesy of Mom Advice

I absolutely love the layering effect in this gift idea from Mom Advice.  You’ll need two large bowls (to mix the separate colors in), a spoon, Epsom salts, kosher salts, food coloring, glycerin, and eucalyptus peppermint essential oil.  Added bonus; aside from just smelling tasty, peppermint is commonly used in aromatherapy as a stimulant and mood booster.  Hooray for uplifting baths!

Writing Prompts

Courtesy of Little Birdies

Almost everyone knows a person who is working on their writing right now.  Especially after NaNoWriMo this last month! This gift idea from Make and Takes will save you money and time, and I’m sure your writer friend will adore it.  Feel free to be as serious or silly as you’d like when coming up with ideas.  You’d be surprised at how simple the prompt can be to bust through writer’s block!

Snow Globes

Courtesy of Jody Garlock

I looked at making one of these for a friend a few years ago, and was very surprised to discover how easy they are to make.  Jody Garlock over at Better Homes and Gardens gives us the run down on this affordable gift idea.  This is definitely another time for you to get creative when it comes to the figurine you use inside; why not personalize it for your friend and surprise them with a unique toy from a movie they love?  Or something goofy and unexpected to make them laugh? Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you, and maybe you’re already on your way out the door to pick up some ingredients for any of these recipes.  I know I have some shopping of my own to do.  Mmm, sand art brownies!


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  • Reply December 4, 2012

    Dot Van Apeldoorn

    These ideas are terrific, thank you very much. My grandaughter will love making some of these as Christmas gifts, we are always looking for new ideas that are both charming and inexpensive.

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