Great Artfire Gifts Under $20

There are about a bazillion cute things on Artfire, and lot of them are definitely priced in a great range for holiday shoppers on a budget.  Here is a random smattering of awesome items you can find on Artfire for under 20 dollars.

Nyan Cat Bag

Image © ChibiBunny 2012

This adorable Nyan Cat messenger bag from Artfire seller ChibiBunny would make a great gift for any “kawaii” cat-loving nerd! Made of sturdy nylon with a zip closure inside and Velcro closure for the flap, this bag is the perfect size for a laptop or notebooks/sketchbooks.

Bottled Fairy Necklace

Image © YellerCrakka 2012

This bottled fairy necklace is one adorable item of many found in this seller’s store.  These would make great stocking stuffers for your children!

Silver Heart Leather Bracelet

Image © eyongs 2012

This silver heart leather bracelet is another great stocking stuffer; seller Eyongs has a large selection that includes many other styles of bracelets.  I’m not too big into jewelry, but I’d definitely wear one of these.

Pearl Rose Ring

Image © Twist21 2011

This Mother of Pearl carved white rose ring will land you squarely at 20 dollars, but it’s definitely worth it for this lovely ring.  It’s never occurred to me to create anything other than a pearl out of pearls, so I really enjoy this ring.  Maybe I’m not creative enough for the jewelry industry.  🙂

White Onyx, Green Glass

Image © KraftyMax 2011

This white onyx and green glass necklace evokes images of a piano.  A very classy piano.  These necklaces are made one of a kind, so there will never be anyone else who has one like this.   If this necklace isn’t quite your style, the seller has a few other pieces that, while a little more expensive, are gorgeous.

Wall Decal

Image © CeejaysVinyl 2008

If you’ve got a kid, or know a kid, who’s just gotten into college, or will be next fall, this tree branch wall decal would make a great addition to their decoration kit.  The seller, CeejaysVinyl, has a few other great decals in their store.

Wall Stars

Image © vinylwallart 2010

This nautical stars wall decal is another great decoration for your college-bound child, or even for kids still living at home.  Especially if they aren’t into flowers/trees!

Periodic Table Decals

Image © Offthewallexpressions 2011

I really like this periodic elements ThinK wall decal, it speaks to the nerd in me.  This seller has a bunch of other great decals, unfortunately, I didn’t see a complete periodic set in their store.  Think of all the nerdy words you could make with them!  Maybe the seller will see this article and be inspired. 😉  In the meantime, these will do just fine.

Crochet Baby Booties

Image © Genevive 2012

Artfire seller Genevive has some awesome crochet patterns up for grabs in her shop, but none more adorable (in my opinion) than these super cute baby booties!

Alphabet Cloth

Image © KallieJosCottonPatch 2011

I don’t have kids yet, but I still want a lazy dot alphabet baby burp cloth.  It looks amazingly soft!  And you can get any of this seller’s gifts personalized.  You know, in case the baby’s name doesn’t start with ‘R’.  🙂

Dinosaur Tail

Image © 3gendesigns 2012

If this pretend play dino tail isn’t the coolest thing you’ve seen all day, I’d be surprised.  Who hasn’t wanted to pretend to be a dinosaur and stomp around their house?  I’m definitely not on that list.

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    Thank you very much for featuring my Nyan Cat messenger bag!

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