Hand-carved Bamboo iPhone Cases

Guest Blog by Bobbi Diday

At Grove in Portland, Oregon, a talented team of seventeen young men and women have developed a gorgeous line of hand-made bamboo iPhone cases!

Natural and sleek, these cases are made out of 100% Moso bamboo, a thick type of bamboo that grows quickly.  This sustainable material is thankfully not one of the 30 plus types eaten by the endangered Giant Panda!


One of my favorite designs was this stilted, twig-footed bird standing in some foliage.  I love the etching on this case; it is adorable, quirky, and creative.  These are the sorts of simple designs that inspire me and make me smile.


Each piece at Grove is hand-carved, sanded, brushed, and meticulously inspected by a member of the team.  I think I enjoy them the most because it is obvious how much the team at Grove cares for each individual piece of work that they do.  To them, it is art and passion in one, and they strive to create the most unique designs for their customers.

Another of my favorites in this collection of iPhone cases was this prowling shark carved deeply into the surface of the raw bamboo.  The piece is handsome, with grain of the wood providing texture to the shark’s fins and back.


Each of these iPhone cases are great conversation starters.  Priced at around $89 each for designs like those pictured, you would be sure to have the most interesting cellphone case at any given event.

Bamboo Cases on ArtFire


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    These cases are beautiful…great work!

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    Wow! Love the cases!

    I’m getting an iPhone this Fall when my Droid X contract expires. I’ve got to have one of these cases!!

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  • Reply March 7, 2012


    These cases are very pretty!

  • Reply March 7, 2012

    Debbie Skorupsky

    Beautiful and unique artwork!

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  • Reply March 9, 2012


    Beautiful cases – now, if I only had an I-phone!

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