Handmade and Vintage Kids Toys

I am pregnant with twins and already have a two year old daughter.  I thought it would be fun to explore the handmade world of toys.  I think they really are the best option for gifts for children since we know what they are made of.  No plastic from China or other weird pieces we aren’t sure of.  I have to admit, I also love vintage toys.  It’s a great way for items to be recycled and they just bring back memories of when I was a child.  What are your favorite handmade and vintage toys?  FYI, there are about 700 pages of handmade and vintage toys and the items just keep getting better.  If you have the time, I’d recommend just browsing and having fun:) –Owls like this became really trendy in boutiques recently.  I’ve seen them sold for about $70, so $48 is a really good deal for such a cute gift, plus it’s customized! Wooden toys are the new popular option for babies. They are timeless and can last forever.  And you don’t have to worry when your baby puts it in the mouth.  Plus, $12 is such a great price!  You can get a few from the same designer for the child to play with together. -How fun is this knit lion?  I bet it’s so soft and cuddly. -It’s toys like this that are so much fun!  Vintage toys just make it even more fun to play with your babies.  I think I had a puppy like this…but, the bumble bee is just as cute.  I think that Fisher Price remakes some of these vintage items and you can find them on Amazon…but, getting the vintage version is even more fun:) -This handmade designer makes a lot of really cute wooden toys!  My daughter currently really likes mermaids so I thought this was adorable! It just proves you don’t have to just have cars, blocks and trains be wooden:) -I want to play with this!  Isn’t it adorable!!!???  Pretend Makeup – Wood Toy – Handmade Toy – Kids Toy, $9. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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