Handmade Jewelry, So Many Options!

It’s so fun to see what people are creating in the handmade world.  People can get very creative and it’s so inspiring.  Here are a few great pieces I’ve recently found on Artfire in the jewelry department.  Who are your favorite handmade jewelry designers? *Right on trend, this piece is perfect for what’s out there right now. The evil eye is everywhere, so it’s nice to at least find something unique that everyone won’t have by handmade artisans on Artfire.  Sterling Silver Pave Evil Eye On Kabbalah Faceted Red Coral $45 *I think it’s fun to find items that you could potentially DIY yourself…but, sometimes we don’t have the time, or maybe even energy to attempt doing this projects.  In this way, it’s nice to be able to go to places like Artfire to find pieces like this friendship bracelet.  Usually the designer can customize with colors accordingly.  Friendship Bracelets-S Hook Wrap  $5 *These are just really interesting and I’ve never seen anything like this.  It’s something I think that could stand out when wearing a basic ensemble.  Plus, it’s such a great price!  Chinese Knot Pearl Stud Earrings – Maroon and Dim Gray $9.99 *It’s one of a kind pieces like this bracelet that make it exciting to search for handmade pieces.  I love the way it’s beaded and the colors used.  Bracelet, handmade, bead embroidered, Earth, Water, Fire and Sky $75 *These earrings are CRAZY!  But, for someone searching for something out there that stands out and is a conversation starter, this is it:)  light weight gigantic three diamond earrings $22 Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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