Happy Fall Y’all

With the first day of Fall just a couple weeks away, it has now become socially acceptable to decorate for the season!

Pumpkins are one of my favorite things to decorate with since they can be left up from early Fall through Thanksgiving. This fun pumpkin craft is a project that is very inexpensive and you can do it in just an hour or two!


  • 4×4 beam cut into the size pumpkins you want to make (you can easily get 5+ out of one beam)
  • Orange paint (you can use the kind from the craft store or the kind from the hardware store)
  • Accent paint in any color
  • Paint brushes or sponges
  • A drill
  • Ribbon or raffia to tie on the top (optional)

If you or someone you know is handy with a saw you can cut your 4×4 beam into the size pieces you want.  If you are not so comfortable with a saw, many hardware stores will cut them down for you.

Step one is to paint your base color.  Depending on your paint, your wood, and the look you are going for, you may only need one coat of paint.  Some people will stain their wood before painting it so they can sand some paint off to give it a weathered look.  Some opt to use a stain instead of a paint so you can still see the wood grain. For this example, we used acrylic paint from the craft store.

Next is to add a design.  This is completely optional. You can choose to leave all of your pumpkins orange or you can make them as whacky as you like.  Some popular patterns include polka dots, stripes (vertical or horizontal), and chevron.

After your designs have dried, use your drill to make a hole in the top of your wood.  Be careful to make the hole just big enough to add a “stem”. For these ones we used broken branches from around the yard for the stems.  Lastly, add any frills you like: ribbon, raffia, felt, leaves, etc.

If you don’t have time to create your own cute wooden pumpkins , our ArtFire makers have crafted some adorable ones that are ready to ship right to your door!  

Be sure to visit our Fall Crafts Pinterest board for some other great craft ideas!

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