Happy National Camera Day

Another fun day to celebrate:) So many of us need camera’s these days at our disposal for our businesses and to share pictures of our families.  Let’s look at old camera’s and great handmade accessories to use on your new ones on Artfire. -It was so sad when they discontinued Kodak cameras.  I think they’ve brought them back in a different way…but, we all still LOVE the oldies.  I’d say buy an old kodak and find the film somewhere online too:)  Or, I’ve seen some people use these as decoration.  ONLY $10.50 -Fun looking camera straps.  Add some fun to your camera.  $39.99 -Dress up your digital camera with this case.  $5.60 -Who wouldn’t love a leopard camera bag??:)  No bodies messing with my camera:)  $44.95 -This is a really cool looking leather camera case that will stand the test of time and billions of camera’s you upgrade.  Such a classic design.  $75 -I love this!  I really feel like the iPhone has become the modern go-to camera.  These iPhone cases are just so much fun!  Do you use your phone as your main camera?  $13.30 -For those that really love cameras, you can make a piece of jewelry from these antiqued bronze camera charms.  Could make a great gift!  $4 for 22 pieces Plus, a DIY from Glitter n’ Glue on how to make your fabulous camera even more striking:) By creating a sequin camera strap. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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