Happy National Lemonade Day!

Today was National Lemonade Day and what better way to celebrate than have a unique glass of lemonade? This is the perfect way to end the Summer!  Here are some recipes I found that sounded fun to try: Lavender Lemonade Looking for a fresh, almost European-style, lemonade to serve as a sophisticated beverage? The Krazy Coupon Lady has a fabulous Lavender Lemonade that will certainly peak your guests’ interest. You’ll Need: 4 cups of water ¼ cup of chopped, fresh lavender leaves 2/3 cup of sugar 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice (roughly 6 lemons) Lavender stems Directions Boil the sugar and the lemon juice until it creates a syrup. Add water to the pot and return it to a boil. Remove from heat, and steep the lavender leaves in the lemonade for at least ten minutes. Strain the leaves out, and then pour your lemonade into a pretty pitcher. Garnish with lavender stems.   and Lemonade Martini Want an adults-only recipe? Whip up a batch of this yummy, grown-up Lemonade by our girls, The Sugar Mommas: You’ll Need: 1 part lemon liqueur (preferably Caravella Limoncello originale d’Italia) 2 parts vodka (preferably Absolut Citron) 4 parts lemonade 1 part fresh-squeezed lemon juice Sugar to rim your glass Directions Dip the rim of a martini glass in lemon juice and then into sugar for a pretty treat. Then, in a cocktail shaker, combine the ingredients with ice. Shake, shake, shake! Then, strain into your martini glass, and enjoy! You can also garnish the glass with a lemon twist, wedge, slice, or even a mint leaf for a little color. However you choose to enjoy your lemonade, pour yourself a glass on Monday in celebration of National Lemonade Day… And thank life for all the lemons it gave you! I was also curious to find what type of items I could find on Artfire that could represent this sweet holiday:)  Here are a few items that seemed perfect! -Keep the clean scent of lemonade for the summer with this Mason Jar Candle Cherry Lemonade Scented Wood Wick Soy Container, $9. -This quote poster would be fun…Quote Poster : Lemonade & Vodka (When Life Gives You Lemons), $20 -Something vintage always makes an event better:)  Vintage Lemon Yellow Juice Bottle Jar Decanter WCover, $7   Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities 


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