Happy National Sunglasses Day

  I love how the summertime comes and everyone is in shades.  I also love how there is a special day for everything these days…when I found out today was National Sunglasses Day I had to share.  How fun:)  How many pairs of shades do you have?  I have so many.  I have everything from a pair of classic Chanel’s I’ve had for almost 10 years!  To my Forever 21 quick buys.  And they’ve all pretty much lasted.  I’m one of those lucky people that doesn’t lose or break their glasses:) Here are a few styles that are on trend this season: *The extreme cat eye *Aviators, aren’t going anywhere. *Bright color frames or jelly styles *Statement styles like heart shapes. Here are a few styles I found on Artfire: *I’d say that the vintage styles are the way to go here.  You’ll find styles that designers today are being inspired by and not many people will have. -I’m in LOVE with these round tortoise shell sunglasses!  These are a style that will last forever!  $88 -Jackie O really dramatic round sunglasses.  Love the color and lucite is also a big trend right now!  $44 -How could you say no to vintage Valentino sunglasses?  These look like they are from the 80’s, but who cares!?  I would soo rock these!  $55 Great quote from the Platform: “Remember, when it comes to sunglasses…if they’re not on the face, they’re in the case.” And, since a lot of people seem to lose their glasses or break them we are left with the rarely used cases.  I’ve been seeing a lot of great ideas for what to do with cases.  Here is one I recently found on Giltter n’ Glue.  (P.S. You can find empty ones for sale on sites like Artfire or at stores like T.J. Maxx to do this great DIY.) DIY what to do with those sunglass cases when your sunglasses get lost or break:       Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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