Healing Crystals: Cleansing

Growing up I’ve always been attracted to stones and crystals, one of my favorite events of the season in my area was the Rock and Mineral Show. I used to love going to the show with my parents and sifting through the hundreds of thousands of stones on tables and in bowls for hours. For as long as I can remember I was always both picking up rocks from the ground wherever I went and buying them from shops and mineral shows on every vacation. Needless to say, over the years I have accumulated quite the large collection that I keep all around my room.

Last year I was walking through Bookmans and picked up a book that caught my eye called “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. I’d heard a little bit about healing crystals and metaphysical properties of minerals and semiprecious stones but I’d never really considered it too much. Upon purchasing this book, I read through what it had to say about the stones that I already had and found myself buying more. Soon after I started working with them to keep my stress under control I started looking into other applications for the healing crystals and started doing reiki.

Now, I am a scientist and I 100% believe in the power of medicine and proof however I found that the more I worked with healing crystals, the calmer I was and the less I inflicted disease on myself due to stress. Now, there is a lot of science that backs the use of healing crystals having to do with the vibrations of the atoms in the crystal interacting with the vibrations of the atoms in your body. But regardless of whether it has actual physical benefits or just spiritual, I’ve been working with them a lot over the past year and thought I’d share some of the basics in case you would like to start!

Cleanse your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is very important; just like anything else in the world these crystals have a past and before you start working with them you are going to want to give them a clean slate. Before they can attune to your energy, they need to be wiped of any existing energy that is already with them. There are many ways you can do this and most of it comes down to personal preference. Whatever you vibe with, have accessible, or want to do in that moment is fine since they all do the same thing.

1. Rice

This is the one that I typically use, when I first started working with crystals I didn’t have a whole lot of materials to work with but I did have some rice in the cabinet. So, for me this one is more just a comfort thing, it’s what I started off doing and it’s what I feel comfortable doing. Basically, what you do is you pour yourself a bowl of rice, lay your crystals in the bowl overnight, and then throw out the rice the next day. The idea behind it is that the rice absorbs whatever energies the crystal is carrying and when you throw out the rice, you get rid of all that energy leaving the crystal as if it is brand new.

2. Water

This one is a very good way to cleanse your crystals in general and when in doubt, water is generally a good answer. That being said you need to be careful when working with certain crystals since there are a handful that will dissolve when in contact with liquids, but as long as you do your research and know what you are working with you should be fine! You can run the crystals under running water with the intention of cleansing and removing any negative energies or wiping it clean. Another thing you can do is get some sea salt from your local grocer and leave your crystals in a bowl of sea salt water overnight, this works in a similar way to the rice.

3. Breath

This one is another good option for a crystal worker on a budget, all you need to do for this one is hold the crystal in your hand and create an intention of cleansing. Once you have done that, just use your breath to gently blow on the crystal on all sides imagining yourself blowing away all the negative energies.

Once you have cleansed your crystals you can start attuning them to your energy and working with them daily. Stay tuned for future articles on how to attune your crystals to your energy and start healing with them!

Chelsea Hoel


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