Healing Crystals: How Do They Work?

There are several theories about how healing crystals get their power to heal. Two of the major theories are that; their structure allows them to vibrate at a certain frequency, putting out certain energies and absorbing or deflecting others, and that over thousands of years people have assigned certain intentions to each individual crystal and over time that has manifested as a genuine property of that crystal. These theories are widely accepted within the community of people who regularly use healing crystals in their day to day lives.

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Quantum Theory

This is a very complicated topic that large groups of extremely intelligent people have dedicated their entire lives to studying so I won’t go too into detail about the specifics. However, in a nutshell, quantum theory is the study of particles at their smallest level and their relationship with the energy of the universe. When put together with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which deals with all energy having mass and vice versa, we can infer that not only does everything in the universe have energy but that they can go back and forth between each state.

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I don’t claim to be a physicist, however I do have a Bachelors of Science, so I do have some experience reading, researching, and interpreting these sorts of definitions and papers. That being said, I strongly suggest that you do some research on Quantum Theory and the Theory of Relativity and see for yourself. It is rather interesting to learn about!

Applying this to healing crystals, each of these crystals would have a particular energy about them, vibrate at a particular frequency if you will. You, also being made of mass and having energy, also vibrate at a particular frequency and have a particular energy about you. The idea behind healing crystals is the interaction of the two energies, you and the crystal. Crystal healing can help “reprogram” your energy or even just help you get your energy back to its normal frequency.


This is also a very interesting topic that has some fascinating studies associated with it, however there is far too much to talk about regarding the power of intention for this one article so I will just be covering the basics. However, please look out for another article on the power of intention in weeks to come!

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The idea behind this theory is that for thousands of years, people have believed in, told stories about, and assigned specific crystals to specific purposes. These trends and the intentions behind them then manifested in the crystals themselves, taking on the properties that they were rumored to have. This then caused more and more people to believe in the crystal’s healing properties, which then cycled back to manifesting more strongly in the crystals themselves. This theory however, brings up the important question of which came first? The property or the intention?

Regardless of the correct answer, it’s clear that something is going on here. Whether it is quantum mechanics at work or the mystical power or intention, we may never fully know. What do you think?

Chelsea Hoel

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