Home Decor Trends Taking Over 2020

A fresh start in home decor is a great way to kick off the new decade.  Let ArtFire help you go out with the old and in with the new!

Mixing it Up

Top designers are incorporating old with new.  Adding one or two vintage pieces into your home can make a real statement.


The days of gray on gray and and all white kitchens are behind us.  2020 is going to bring a lot more statement colors like navy blue and kelly green.


As we said before, say goodbye to single colors rooms.  Soon you will see black couches sitting against white painted walls, or white frames on navy walls, or a dark rug on a light floor.

Natural Wood

Designers are predicting a shift toward natural wood shelves, cabinets, islands, and furniture.  This trend still gives you that fresh and clean look without being so restrictive.

Canopy Beds

What kid hasn’t dreamed of sleeping on a canopy bed?  Now is the time to make those dreams come true!


With age comes grace and beauty.  2020 will bring a new found appreciation of all things patina and of age. 

Antique Art

Collecting art is a wonderful hobby that can really reflect your personality.

Cozy Throws

We are extra excited about this one!  Snuggle up with a handmade blanket anytime, anywhere.

Whatever trend you decide to go with (or not go with) make sure your home shows who YOU really are!  Happy decorating!

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