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The word “hostel” doesn’t necessarily evoke thoughts of adorable mini-hotels, thanks in part to a certain terrible movie, but also just the fact that it’s usually so much easier to just grab a well known hotel/motel while you’re traveling and call it a day. But if you’re looking to do some traveling, and especially on a budget, doing a little bit of research into hostels might be a great way to help you save some money.  I’ve gathered a few interesting hostels that you may run into during your worldly exploration.  🙂


Courtesy of Kadir’s Treehouse

If you happen to be taking a trip to Turkey, definitely check this place out at Hostel Bookers before you go.  The place is actually really well equipped, including wi-fi for those of us who have a hard time getting away from our email.


Courtesy of ArkaBarka

If your travels take you to Serbia, you’re in for a treat.  Check out a few other amazing pictures of this place at ArkaBarka, and I bet if you weren’t already planning a trip here, you might be after reading about it.  The bedrooms look adorable, and the idea of sitting out on that deck watching a sunset on the water is immediately relaxing.

Turkey… Again

Courtesy of The Cave Hotel

Apparently Turkey is where it’s at!  I couldn’t resist including this one; I mean, seriously.  CAVES.  It’s such a gorgeous room; I can’t believe it’s part of a hostel, instead of some high priced luxury resort.  Check out some of the other pictures at the Cave Hotel website.

Massachusetts, USA

Courtesy of Betsy Dever

Good golly.  For those of you who don’t feel up to leaving the states, there are plenty of options for amazing hostels here in the US.  Like this one, for example!  Head over to Laurie Smith Murphy’s blog to read a little about this place.  As an added bonus, she’s kindly included a link to a fantastic hostel search website!

Greek Isles

Courtesy of Hostel Times

Getting to a Greek Isle is expensive enough on its own; why not make it easier on yourself by cutting hotel expenses out of the budget?  Check out this amazing hostel over at Hostel Times, and then spend the next few hours wishing you were laying on that amazing poolside.


Courtesy of Andrew Bossi

This can’t be real.  It looks like something manufactured in my dreams.  This is clearly a place where everyone breaks into song when they wake up, right?  Here are more amazing pictures of this Mountain Hostel, located in Gimmelwald, Switzerland, that you need to look at right this second. Really, I could do this all day.  There are so many amazing hostels out there, likely even just within a few hours distance from you! Definitely take some time to look around; even if you aren’t big on traveling, maybe you’ll see something that inspires you to get out there, spend very little money, and meet amazing new friends.  


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