Hot Chocolate Bombs

In honor of #NationalHotChocolateDay we decided to try our hand at making hot chocolate bombs.

We wanted to make ours with a twist, so we made Mexican Hot Chocolate and made our shells using red candy melts (this color would be fun for Christmas or Valentines Day as well!)  You can use candy melts or melted chocolate, the process is the same.

What you’ll need:

Silicone chocolate sphere mold (3” is ideal, but 2” will work too)

Glass bowl

Ceramic plate

1 bag of chocolate chips or candy melts

Silicone basting brush

Hot chocolate mix (DIY or premade)

Optional- marshmallows or mini chocolate chips


  1. Melt the chocolate until it is smooth with no lumps.  I prefer doing this using a double boiler (place a glass bowl over a simmering pot of water), but you can also melt your candy melts/chocolate in the microwave.  I find using a double boiler allows me to keep the chocolate the right temperature for longer than just melting them in the microwave.
  1. Paint your mold with the melted chocolate making sure you reach the top all around the edge and pop the mold into the freezer for 5-10 minutes, or until the chocolate is solid. Paint a second coat on and chill them again.
  1. Remove your chocolate cups from the mold by peeling back the edges of the mold.  CAREFULLY remove your bowl of chocolate from the pot of simmering water and place a ceramic pot over the pan.  In a few minutes the pan should be warm to the touch.  Place your chocolate cups, open side down, on the plate one at a time, for just a second or two until the edge is smooth.  Do this to half of the cups.

  1. Fill the smoothed cup with your hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and/or marshmallows.  One at a time, smooth out the edges of the remaining chocolate cups using the warm plate and quickly place the melted edge on top of one of the filled cups.  (You want to handle the bombs as little as possible as the heat from your hands can cause them to melt.)  If they are not smooth enough, heat a spoon and gently run the rounded side against your seam until it is smooth and has no holes.
  1. Decorate the outside of the bomb with squiggles of melted chocolate, sprinkles, and/or colored sugar. (These have some cinnamon sticks to go along with my theme.)
  1. When you are ready to use them, warm 1 cup of milk in a mug, add a bomb, stir, and drink up!

These are so fun to enjoy on a cold evening or to give as gifts!  Enjoy!


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