Hot Tips for Selling During the Holidays

As online merchants, you’re always on the lookout for tips and suggestions on how to get the best results from the holiday rush. Because the holidays tend to get hectic, every year you reach and hopefully surpass last year’s earnings with your best holiday plan by far.

But are you sure you have done all your research? and is this is the best plan for your business?

 Hot Tip Alert

If you’re new to the world of online business, the holiday season may seem even more overwhelming, what with time/money consuming contests, sales, and giveaways being thrown at potential shoppers from every direction from competitors.

But don’t be discouraged, if you put your best foot forward and plan an appropriate strategy for your business, this holiday season might be your best one yet. After all, a handmade personalized gift can go a long way during the season of giving, which is probably why a shopper ended up in your ArtFire shop anyway.

Quick Advice From the Experts:

Businesses looking to grow will need to offer convenient, affordable online options or risk losing customers to competitors.

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Free shipping is no longer seen as a luxury. Since most major online retailers have free shipping offerings throughout the holiday season, this offering is necessary to remain competitive. Minimum purchase amounts are crucial. Some retailers require purchases of $100 to qualify for free shipping, while others provide free shipping on purchases of $49 or more.

Reach your online shop’s fullest potential this holiday season:

  • Clean up your online reviews: Happy customers are more willing to submit positive reviews because they received what they expected, if not more! But fishing for compliments from satisfied customers is easy compared to the focus you will need to deal with unhappy customers. You must contact unhappy customers and make sure you resolve any issues they may have had, and ask them to remove their negative online comments. Nothing says “involved merchant” like reaching out to all clients, no matter how difficult the client.

  • Get your pricing right: While some sites might need to price themselves down as low as possible to make sales, if you focus on delivering a strong customer experience you can maintain higher prices and still make sales. If you’ve got quality, the people will pay.

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  • Be mobile for maximum reach: Over 50% of online shoppers made at least one mobile purchase last season, and this trend is on the rise, giving a clear advantage to retailers who are a step ahead. As an ArtFire Merchant you’re already halfway there with our entire site being mobile optimized.
  • Deliver on time: Your holiday shoppers are not the forgiving type. Those same shoppers who would gladly tweet how wonderful you are when you deliver on time will be the first to turn against you when your deliveries arrive late.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Share any successful tips and insight you have in the comment section below.


  • Reply October 24, 2016

    Agnes Jones

    Thank you. Those are good things to keep in mind. I really appreciate the suggestion of minimum sale to add free shipping.

    • Reply October 24, 2016

      Victoria Rendon

      You’re welcome Agnes, I’m happy to hear you found these tips helpful. Here’s to a great holiday season 😀

  • Reply October 25, 2016

    K.D. Martel

    Free shipping is feasible if your postal rates are competitive. Being a Canadian seller, shipping from Canada is very expensive. The United Nations Postal decree still has the Terminal Dues program of developed countries having to heavily subsidize the developing countries postal services to keep their postal rates at a minimum and make it easy for them to offer free shipping. We lose in the long run.

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