Hottest Colors in Decorative Pillows for Spring

Out with the old and in with the new. 2017 brings us new trends and new colors to experiment with when trying to find the perfect pillows to complement your furniture and décor.

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 Each year we start fresh with reinventions of both our surroundings and ourselves. We leave behind our old tastes in hopes of new looks and ideas to inspire us in the year ahead.

Filling your home with colors that represent a new and improved you is hugely important in setting the groundwork for the year ahead. Choose your colors carefully this spring and give your year the best possible start.


2017 is all about simplicity, and minimalist style is this year’s hottest trend. Last year we entertained ourselves with eclectic patterns and complex color schemes; we’re toning everything down this year. The distraction of complicated styles is over, and you can cleanse your mind this spring by surrounding yourself with solid colors that reflect your moods and your personality.

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You should choose colors that you know will make you feel at peace—the colors that surround you affect your mood and your energy. So, think very carefully about which colors best represent the kind of energy you want surrounding you, both inside and outside of your home.

Color Rules

Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, it’s important to pick the colors that best suit their surroundings as well as helping to create the kind of environment you’re hoping to achieve. Here are a few tips on which colors to pick for the kind of style and personality you want to portray:

Earthy greens, browns, and grays are on trend for contemporary traditionalists; by that, we mean people who like to keep pace with modern ideas while also maintaining the aesthetic of the world around them. These colors are style orientated and are more suited to the homeowner who is going for style and glamour before coziness.

The Urban Jungle is a big trend this year, and these colors are perfect for this style. These botanical and earthy colors are perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor furnishings, so pick up some decorative throw pillows for anything from your patio chair to your living room rocking chair.

The more quirky, creative types should check out monochrome blues, reds, and greens. These colors grab your attention and create a more energetic environment. While not as suitable for outdoor settings, these colors make indoor settings feel warm and inviting. However, if you do want to take these colors outside, be sure to match them with vibrant styles and bright colors.

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Although you want a good contrast between your pillows and their surroundings, you also have to be careful it doesn’t become too much. The energy in these warmer colors is more suited to artistic types and matches well with vibrant paintings or kitsch décor.

If you like to keep your home looking funky but, at the same time, tidy and well put together, then this kind of style is for you. Cushions in these colors would be more suited to lighter backgrounds, being surrounded by lighter colors will make your pillows pop.

Light blues, pinks, and yellows are perfect for people who just want a comfortable space to relax and unwind. These paler colors offer more of a subtle pop and are not quite as distracting as the vibrancy in their darker versions.

These lighter colors are also perfect for outdoor settings, as they don’t get mixed up in their surroundings, and their simple tones easily blend into outdoor furnishings. These paler colors are a safe bet for those who want to maintain a safe middle ground between the funky creative and the serious chic.

Last, if you’re the kind of person who just wants somewhere to go home to and lift your feet up, maybe some paler, more simple colors would be better suited to you. Go for pastel blues, pinks, and yellows. Colors that are less distracting often allow you to get a little more comfortable.

Personalize Your Style

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Don’t forget that the colors you use to decorate your home are supposed to reflect your personality and the environment you want in your home. While sticking to these trends, make sure to go with what makes you feel comfortable.

Sometimes what’s stylish is not always what’s right. Once you are comfortable with a color and you can see it in your home, you’ll be able to make it part of any trend. Don’t get distracted by outside opinions.

Remember, the most important and impressive trend is staying true to yourself.

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