How Food Chains Are Using Mobiles To Boost Business

Mobiles are increasingly gaining legitimacy as the preferred channel to enhance commerce.

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According to the real time data collected by coupon machine, nearly 350,000 apps have been built in just the past 36 months and global mobile traffic is set to breach 6.2 exabytes by the end of 2016. This is especially good news for quick service restaurants like Starbucks, Taco Bell or food vendors like Food Panda. Choosing the mobile way of business has enabled these fast food establishments to manage higher sales, intensify customer loyalty and even heighten foot traffic.

The Data Drive

The fact is further validated through some key statistics put together by Coupon Machine and serves as a major indicator of the trend going forward:
  • Overall Starbucks has more than 17 million active mobile app users
  • As per current data Starbucks makes close to 8 million payments every week
  • Not just that, mobile transactions in fact account for close to 21% of all US store sales
  • In fact, Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay app already accounts for 10% of total transactions at its significantly high-volume stores
You would have to concede given these numbers not just Starbucks but most fast food establishments following the mobile route have a few lessons to teach even major technology giants like Google and Samsung. In fact, the mobile order ahead policy launched by Starbucks might be well set to account for as much as $38 billion by the turn of 2020.

Fast Tracking Payment

One key reason for it is the easy and speed of payment that using these mobile apps facilitate. In fact, while Google searches generated $3 million ad revenues, a whopping 8 million purchases are made through PayPal so far worldwide every hour. Starbucks records a massive 8,219 order and pay transaction every hour and food panda sees close to 2,100 orders received via the mobile app worldwide every hour. In fact, most other leading fast food facilities are on their way to adopt the Starbucks example and Taco Bell is already reaping benefits of the move. Taco Bell has recorded 30% higher average order values on mobile compared to in-store.


All in all mobile orders are ahead apps are set to push sales higher by over 57% on a 5-year horizon and the expectation is that this will soon emerge as the most profitable channel of commerce. Stay tuned to all the mobile real time data stats for more such realistic data highlights.

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    Gabby Palmer

    350,000 apps have been built in just the past 36 months – wow, that’s a serious number! And, the charger on the first photo is very cute!

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