How-To Be a Successful DIY Vlogger

Becoming a Successful DIY Vlogger

The rise of online media has opened up a vast space for creative expression and facilitated faster connection with those who share the same interests.

However, the downside of such development is the fact that bigger is not always better.  In fact, embarking on a journey of launching a new video blog often appears like an endeavor into the unknown.  Creating something fresh and interesting in a beehive of information is an imposing task indeed and almost anyone with a laptop and a web camera can contribute.


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Tools of the trade

To avoid this scenario and to thrive in the oversaturated world of video blogging, one needs to undertake some crucial steps.

The first thing to do is to make sure that the audio equipment is in tune.  DIY vloggers cannot afford to be caught sharing incomprehensible videos that do not hold the attention of potential followers and fail to clarify how to make things with hands.  Another thing worth keeping in mind is adequate lighting, which can improve the quality of the video without a costly investment in high-end cameras.


Camera Setup for Filming Craft Tutorials

Another important point is the type of camera used for starting a DIY video blog.  Though there are many options to choose from, a quick and easy way for a beginner is to use a simple PC camera.  The initial drive should be to get the idea out there in the limelight and not break one’s head against the wall by creating a perfectly polished video.  In case vloggers do not possess a camera they can always rely on software that can capture the computer screen.  That way, it is possible to produce visually appealing and helpful instructions for the viewers.


The 10 Best Vlogging Cameras for 2017

Your calling

When it comes to finding the best channels for the videos, there are plenty of options out there.  However, the one that sticks out the most is certainly YouTube.

It is highly recommended for the newcomers to start their project here and check out the channels like “MayBaby“,“Oh Joy” or “Brit + Co” that are stealing the DIY show.  Other options to distribute the videos include Vimeo, Viddler, TubeMogual, etc.  The choice is not random, and it is crucial to identify the potential followers and get to know digital avenues where they dwell.


Once the technical details are set, the fun part starts:  Personalizing one’s blog and finding ideas for their concept.  Though, it is important to remember that the fact that doing it on your own does not mean that you have to do it all and blog about everything.  As the internet is over flooded with numerous video blogs, it is essential to find a specific niche.  Vloggers can find inspiration by checking out the channels featuring beauty, fashion or crafts from people who have mobilized armies of online subscribers.

Meg DeAngelis, the face behind MayBaby

It is argued that video blogging is often better than other blogging formats.  It is certainly more interactive, thus making it easier to connect with their followers on a more personal level.  This is a perfect way for those who like to work on crafty and creative projects to share their ideas and advice with others.  Try to use seasons, holidays and popular themes and trends as sources of inspiration, and offer people something they cannot see elsewhere.


Ergonomic Chairs

Becoming a vblogger is an expedition march to the towering mountain where every step requires careful planning and strong will.  Investing in personal education and taking on tech or DIY courses is thus a great idea.  Finally, since vloggers spend a whole lot of time sitting in front of the screen, a proper chair is of the utmost importance.  A wide range of office chairs can make long hours of video editing and streaming much more comfortable.  It seems that to reach the top of the vlogging pyramid, one must also be able to sit comfortably while playing the DIY game of thrones.

Dan Howell, a popular youtuber

Your way or no way

To cut through all the visual noise, vloggers must first equip themselves with the appropriate tech gear.

Select the best platforms for grabbing the attention of a wide audience and deliver the unique, handy and organic content.  Get your creative juices flowing, and add a spice of variety when things are getting stale.  It is all right to borrow ideas from the competition as long as you make them your own.  This is a rare talent, but hard work is what can get any blogger a long, long way.



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    Trying hard but your work is not paying off? Patience is the key in every field be it vlogging or blogging.
    i know lot of people who started vlogging as fun, then they make it business only when they put lot of hard work. So be patient. Keep working hard.

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