How-to Build a Career Doing What You Love

I have always been passionate about helping people make money.  I grew up in a small town in the Midwest where no one really seemed to have money, but everyone seemed to have more money than we did.

I realized at a very young age that money solves problems.

People are less stressed when the bills are paid.  People have space to think when they aren’t stressed about money.  And money gives people freedom in what you do with your time.  I became obsessed with how people earned money, and launched more than a dozen “mini-businesses” before the age of thirteen.  I learned that there is no secret to making money.

Anyone can make money.  All you need is a decent product and a customer who is willing to pay for it.

This doesn’t mean that you will make the amount of money you need to build the life you want, and it doesn’t mean you will enjoy the time you spend working on your business.  This all means that you will quit probably doing your business long before its successful.  They key to making lots of money is find something that you love doing more than anything in the world, and DOING it.

Building a business of your own requires you to invest tons of time in a dream that only you believe in.  It can be overwhelming and frustrating and sometimes downright scary.


There is no secret road map to building a business around the work you love to do, but here are a few things I have learned over the years:

  1. Identify what is most important to you.

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The first step in building a career that you love is getting clear on what is most important to you.  If you are not totally clear on what you will do with your life, you will find yourself chasing dreams that aren’t actually meaningful to you.  You will find yourself focused on goals that don’t actually help you create the life you want.  What are your long term goals?  What do you want to achieve with your career?  What do you want your life to look like?  What sacrifices are you willing to make?
  • Find your passion.

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    Studies show that the number one factor that makes one business owner more successful than another is industry knowledge.  What does this means?  It means that the only way to be more successful in your business is to understand what is happening in the industry around this.  And this means that you have to find something that you love doing more than anything in the world.  Because you have to spend a lot of time doing something before you get any good at it.  What do you love doing?  What do you spend your time thinking about?  What skills do you have?  What is special and unique about what you have to offer the world?
  • Create a plan for monetizing your work.

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You can make money doing anything.  You have to figure out how you can make money doing the thing you really love doing, which means you need a plan.  A good business plan will help you monetize your work in a way that will help you reach your long-term goals.  What will you sell?  Who is your customer?  How will you find them?  How much money do you want to make?  Which product will most likely get you to your goal?
  • Design your day.

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    The best way to choose a business that will work for your life is to consider how you will spend your day.  Find people who have built the career you are trying to build and find out what their daily life looks like.  Is that how you want to spend your time?  What parts don’t work for you?  You need to shift your plan so that you can have the life you want.
  • Build a community.

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    You will learn really fast that you cannot do everything on your own.  Connecting with a community of like-minded business owners will allow you to learn from those around you and connect with resources you might otherwise miss.  I spent years helping people build successful online businesses before launching Maker Mentors.  I have worked directly with some of the most well-respected entrepreneurs online, and got an inside look at how they built a business that worked for their life.  Who is building a similar business to yours?  Where can you find people with shared values?  Who should be your mentor?  Who might want to collaborate with you?  What communities can you join?
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