How to Clean Your Pet’s Bed

Many pet owners compare having a furry friend with having a child that never grows up.


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Similarly to toddlers, pets require constant care, especially when it comes to maintaining a good level of hygiene. Pets’ beds tend to be tough to clean, yet very easy to dirty up. This is where the animals shed their hair and leave muddy paw prints after a walk (if we are dealing with a dog). Maintaining this area clean is essential if you wish to avoid exchanging germs with your furry friend.

Here are a few tips on how to clean your pet’s bed.

Vacuum the Bed First

It matters not whether you are dealing with a dog or a cat – after all, both species shed fur. That is why carpet cleaning services advises you to start by vacuuming the bed first to remove the hair the animal has shed. Begin by vacuuming the exterior of the bed using a suitable attachment. If necessary, you can utilize a lint roller to remove hair build-up. The bedding’s cover itself needs to be unzipped and removed as it can be washed separately – either by hand or in your washing machine.

Wash the Cover and the Bedding’s Pillow


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What follows next largely depends on the type of pet bed you have bought. You should take the time to carefully read the washing instructions, listed on the bedding’s label. Some beds should not be washed in a washing machine as this might damage them. If yours falls into this category, you can fill your bathtub halfway with warm water and add a suitable laundry detergent. It is recommended to wash the pillow by hand as brushes might damage the fabric. Feel free to wash the cover by hand, too. If your pet’s bed is machine-washable, you know what you should do. Please note, if you are washing the cover in the washing machine, you should adjust the temperature of the water to cold!

Rinse the Pillow Well

Once you are done washing the pillow, you remove the tub’s plug to allow the soapy water to escape down the drain. Refill the bathtub with clean, lukewarm water and rinse the pillow carefully. To make sure there is no soapy residue left, you are recommended to squeeze the pillow several times. Continue with the rinse until there are no suds left.

Dry the Pillow and Cover

It would be best to allow the newly-cleaned bed to dry out in the sun. Again, it all depends on the manufacturer’s instructions on the label – certain pet beds’ covers can easily shrink when dried in a dryer, which will result in you being unable to fit the pillow back in. If the instructions read you can safely use the dryer, please do so. Make sure you use a dryer sheet that is pet-friendly. The sheet will help reduce static electricity and remove the last bits of embedded hair from the bed’s fabric.  


A Few More Tips on Proper Pets Bed Maintenance

It is important to remember you need to vacuum the bed’s cover once per week to prevent hair build-up. If your pet is fluffier and sheds more, you should vacuum the bed twice each week. But more importantly, give your furry friend more frequent baths. This will not only spare you some efforts when cleaning the bed but will ensure the animal is not a carrier of any parasitic insects like fleas for instance.

Most of all, you need to remember you are not the only one to enjoy sleeping in a bed with clean sheets. So does your pet, so don’t forget to maintain your fluffy friend’s personal space as clean and cosy as possible.

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