How to Create an in Home Learning Space

A dedicated learning space can help your child focus and improve their productivity. ArtFire has some tips to help you create the perfect at-home learning area.

Set the Mood

Research shows that people learn best in areas that are free of distractions, are lit by natural light, and have comfortable seating.  Having a table in a room with a window or skylight is a great place to start.  Make sure your room is TV free so that your student can focus on the task at hand.  Speaking of focus, many experts now believe that having alternate seating can help kids concentrate on their work while still being able to “wiggle”.  Chairs with elastic bands around the legs, wobble chairs, beanbags and pillows are all great alternatives to traditional seating.  If you really want to change things up, set up a study area outside!

Leave an “Invitation to Learn”

Encourage your children to choose their own activities and self teach by giving them an area full of hands-on activities such as: puzzles, books, writing utensils, games, musical instruments, and more . Doing so allows them to discover what they are truly interested in and encourage them to build on that interest.

Keep Things Organized

Kids learn best in organized, clean spaces so do your best to keep things tidy.  Keep materials organized and accessible at all times.  Have designated areas for materials, color coding, and labeling items all help.  Not only will this help your children find their learning materials, it also helps teach them to clean up.Having a routine is also imperative to success.  Using tools such as Google Slides or a large calendar to make a weekly agenda helps keep everyone on task as well as lets the kids know what to expect during the week.

Make it Their Own

What could be more inviting than an area tailored to your own interests?!  Let your kids help you decorate and organize the space.  If you are painting, have them help you pick the color.  Are you hanging some of their artwork?  Ask them for some of their favorites.   Are you building a home library?  Have them help select some of the books.  If they are involved in the creation of the area they will be more likely to want to use it.

Leave Room for Fun

Although this space is primarily being made to learn, remember that play is a huge part of learning.  Whether it be art supplies, board games, beads, etc, be sure to schedule some time for fun!  And don’t forget to be part of some of that fun time!

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