How-To Deal With Foggy Windows

As a driver, your view of the road’s oncoming traffic should be as clear as possible. Foggy windows are one of those seemingly insignificant problems that not only obstruct your view of the road but could potentially be life threatening.

What causes foggy windows?

Foggy windows are mainly caused by a combination of temperature, moisture and air circulation problems. The Fog can result from both internal and external factors.

Photo via infin8graphics on ArtFire

Photo via infin8graphics on ArtFire

Dealing with fog caused by internal factors (when it’s warm inside and cold outside):

During a rainy or cold day, most drivers keep warm by turning the heat on within their vehicles. The heat from your vehicle AC together with moisture in the air from breathing, wet/damp clothes or mats causes moisture to circulate within the circulating air of your car which then causes fog to build up on your windows. You can deal with internal fog by:

Photo via Lauren Marems on ArtFire

Photo via Lauren Marems on ArtFire

  • Reducing the temperature within your vehicle by turning down the heat from your AC.
  • Open up your car widows enough to let new fresh air from the outside to circulate throughout your car.
  • Use a dehumidifier, which can be hanged from your rear-view mirror.
  • Keep your car as dry as possible by placing all damp items, from cloths to umbrellas in the trunk of your car.
  • After cleaning your windows, apply an anti-fog coating, this prevents fog from forming on your windows.
  • Make sure your windows are clean both on the outside and inside as dust and dirt makes it easier for Fog to form on your windows.
  • Turn off your car’s recirculating air feature. Which actually makes fog worse than it should be.

Dealing with fog caused by external factors (when is cool inside and warm outside):

During Hot, humid summer days, divers usually respond by turning their car’s  AC cooling system on in an effort to tackle the warmth from the outside. This could potentially create fog on the external side of your windows.  As a driver, you can deal with external fog by:

  • Warming up the inside of your car. This can be done by turning your AC cooling system down or by opening up your windows and allowing some hot air from the outside to enter your car.
  • Turn on your windshield wipers as this will remove excess moisture from your windshield preventing fog.
  • Again, using an Anti-fog coating after washing your windows is one of the most effective convenient ways to avoid foggy problems.
  • Turn off your car’s recirculating air feature.
Foggy windows are one of the problems we encounter on the road that we can effectively control and prevent. Your personal safety, the safety of loved ones and other road users does not need and should not be compromised by avoidable, window fog problems.
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