How to Get Media Coverage: 3 Things You Need to Know

Getting media coverage for your business is an easy way to increase your sales.

You have the opportunity to get your product in front of new customers each time your products are featured in media.  Media outlets are creating millions of pieces of content every single day.  Writers are constantly searching for new story ideas, and there is a good chance your products might fit into one of those stories.

I have spent my entire career helping bloggers and small business owners get their brands featured in media.

Here are three things you need to know:

  1. You do not need to be in the New York Times.I launched a program in my early twenties that got featured on hundreds of blogs and dozens of national media outlets. (including the New York Times) The blogs sent more traffic to my site than all of the large media outlets combined.  Find the media outlets that make total sense for your brand, and focus on reaching people who will organically love your work.
  1. Having a great product is not enough.Most small business owners believe their business has to be absolutely perfect before they reach out to media contacts.  Don’t hold yourself back with false expectations!  You need to start reaching out to media contacts, start building relationships and gathering feedback on how you can make your products better long before you get coverage.
  1. You do not have to spend money to get media coverage.There are tons of tools you can buy to make your media outreach easier, but you can start getting media coverage without spending a penny.  They key is understanding how the media works, and creating a process that gets your products in front of the right outlets.

I am hosting a three-day live online workshops that will help you understand how other small businesses manage their media outreach, and create a system for getting your products featured in a way that increases your sales.

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