How to Have a Stylish St. Patrick’s Day with 10 Easy DIY Tutorials

St. Patrick’s Day is a day fit for: gathering with friends, enjoying a parade and the wearing of green.

So, on this festive occasion, what better way to celebrate than by throwing a party? Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors and get ready to throw a St. Patrick’s Day party with style. These ten DIY tutorials can help you achieve that perfect party vibe.

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1. Your Own Pot of Gold 

So you may not have access to real gold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to tasty treats. With these individual pots of gold, you can add a touch of St. Patrick’s day style to your holiday “shindig.” Surprise your guests with their own tiny pot of gold. It’s certainly easier than following the rainbow. To make this treasure trove of treats, you will need the following materials: one mini terracotta pot, black acrylic paint, a sponge brush, Mod Podge, gold glitter, seasonal stickers or vinyl cutouts, candies to put inside (this tutorial suggest gold Rolos).

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2. Paper Shamrocks

Paper crafting is a true art form. So why not show off your skills with theses shabby chic shamrock ornaments? You’ll impress your guests with your skills and have fun following this simple tutorial. Bring in the kids to join in on the fun. It’s simple, it’s easy, and the results are stunning. To make these shabby chic shamrocks, you will need the following materials: scrapbook paper 12×12 inch (in any color/pattern of your choice), a paper cutter, scissors, adhesive (glue dots or a tape runner), and twine. Note: You can use ribbon instead of twine if you want but it’s harder to string through the paper.

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3. Shamrock Balloons 

Looking to add even more flare to the St. Patrick’s day celebrations? Are you looking for something quick and easy for those last minute party preparations? Try making your own shamrock balloons with this easy tutorial. It’s far easier than making balloon animals and less time consuming. To make these botanical balloon bunches you will need these materials: green heart shaped balloons, green baking twine (you can find it in cooking and crafting stores), and a pair of scissors. They’re easy to assemble and all it takes is a good pair of lungs. Just be careful not to pop too many at once!

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4. St. Paddy’s Wreath

Aside from the occasional humorous welcome mat, what better way to greet your guests with a festive wreath hanging from your front door? Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, so why restrict yourself to the one holiday? With this festive decoration, you can make a stunning crafted piece at a fraction of the cost. In fact, this tutorial states that you can make this wreath for just four dollars. What a bargain! For this project, you will need these materials: a wreath form, 3 packages of foam shamrocks, and a hot glue gun. According to this DIYer, you can get the wreath and foam shapes at your local Dollar Tree.

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5. Lucky Burlap Banner 

So, maybe you’re not in the mood for decorations that are so “on the nose.” Maybe you’re looking for something a little more artistic, chic. Then try a quaint burlap banner. Given it’s rustic-chic look, you can use it for man than just one St. Patrick’s Day party. Save it for those summer barbeques and garden parties, it’ll look just as fabulous.To make this festive banner you will need these materials: gold polka dot burlap (can be found at Joann’s), plain “natural” burlap, green craft paint, green yarn, a roll of painter’s tape, a sponge brush, and a pair of scissors.

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6. Leprechaun Hats for the Little Ones

Looking for an easy crafting project that the kids can enjoy? Maybe you want to create a cute crafting project but you’re still new to the world of crafting yourself? Well, try out one of these cute Leprechaun hats. They’re easy to make and cost-effective, so that you can spend more money on those delicious snacks for the party. All you will need for this quick and easy craft are these materials: toilet paper rolls, green paint, construction paper (green, yellow, and black), glue, and scissors. Forget boring old party hats and dawn your best green top hat! Who knows? Such a cute craft may bring you luck!

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7. Felt Shamrock Clips 

Shamrock clips make a great accessory and a great party favor. Once the party is done, you may have a new accessory to add to your collection. They’re as cute as they are easy to make. To make these cute clips, you’ll need these materials: 48mm double-pronged alligator clip, 12cm of 10mm wide grosgrain ribbon (with heat sealed ends), a hot glue gun, a pressed fabric circle with a 16.5cm (6.5″) diameter, a needle, sewing thread, a pair of scissors, green felt scraps (at least 5 inches x 1.25″), buttons/bows/any embellishment you would like. Make it unique!

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8. Shamrock Pretzels  

Now that we’ve got the decor out of the way, it’s time to move on to the good stuff. Food, glorious food! In keeping with the Shamrock theme, give your guests the luckiest and most delicious treat of all. Shamrock pretzels are a wonderful addition to the snack table and they’re super easy to make! They’re sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. All you need to make this simple treat are 3-4 cups of mini pretzels and one twelve ounce bag of green candy coating. If you want to get really adventurous get some melting chocolate flavored with mint! It’s a real crowd pleaser!

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9. Irish Cream Sugar Scrub 

Who doesn’t love a little Irish cream? Something so delicious shouldn’t be restricted to just an occasional beverage. So why not make a sugar scrub out of it? Who knows? Maybe it will give your skin that extra oomf you’ve been looking for? All you will need to make this delicious dream treatment is: one cup of sugar, a tablespoon of dry milk, half a cup of coconut oil, peppermint oil, and green food coloring. Once you’re done just scrub a little on the skin and you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time.

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10. Shamrock Sugar Cookies

Show of your baking skills with sweet, shamrock, sugar cookies! With theses beautifully baked and decorate cookies, you are sure to make the most delicious sweet treats for this St. Patrick’ Day. For this sweet bake you will need: three cups of all purpose flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, one teaspoon of salt, one cup/two sticks of unsalted butter, one cup of sugar, one egg, one teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, royal icing (in green and white), pastry bags, pastry decorating tips, and squeeze bottles (these will be used to flood the icing on the cookies). Happy baking and cookie decorating!  Check out this website for 12 festive baking tutorials for the holiday!


With all of these tutorials at your disposal, you will be able to throw quite the party this St. Patrick’s Day. So grab your crafting supplies, clear the table, and get down to business. Who knows? Maybe this party will become an annual tradition and your place will be known as the best party house in your circle of friends.

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