How to Make a DIY Pallet Garden

How to Make a Pallet Garden2  

If your home has any old pallets you may have no use of at this given moment, then you will have the unique chance to find out more about turning them into a worthwhile addition to your home.  

Experienced handymen will have a good amount of knowledge on many projects you can use to your advantage.  There are good chances you can use your pallets in a creative way, so we will cover one of the potential solutions you can use around your home, which is making a pallet garden of your own.  You can make use of the older pallets you have for a great looking gardening space.  Before you begin you will need the following:

  • Staples
  • Pallets
  • Spray paint
  • Burlap sheeting
  • Hammer and scissors
  • Seedlings
The total costs of the job will be amazingly low, since you already have the tools and supplies needed to make it work.  
Let’s get started with the first moves you need to make to work on the project.

Painting the pallet

How to Make a Pallet Garden1  

One of the ways you can make your pallet planter look better is to spray paint them with colors of your choosing that would make it look better.  Lay it down on the burlap sheeting you prepared earlier and work on brushing it with a wire brush for a good and completely clean surface at the end of the day.  Give your chosen pallet a few good coats of paint and let that sit out for a while until it has been completely dried off.


Stapling the burlap sheets

This is a pretty important part of how you handle things, as the burlap will help keep your soil inside the confines of the pallet itself.  This will help give the plants more than enough room to spread their roots, so start by having a 4 to 5 inch worth spacing between your staples to close the pallets entirely.  This means you will have a good chance to let the plants grow with fewer issues in the long run.  You can even open one side of the pallet to make for easier irrigation work.


Adding seedlings and soil

You are almost completely done with the job itself; all you need to do is add the potting soil to fill up the space.  Leave your pallet in a vertical position, pour soil in and once you are done with it you can lay it down horizontally or you can still keep it vertical.  With a good amount of irrigation you will have a much better chance to grow your plants reliably.


Doing gardening and landscaping

How to Make a Pallet Garden3    

You will have to leave the pallet in a horizontal position while the plants are taking root for at least two weeks.  After that is complete you can work on placing it in a vertical position, something you have to do by using strong screws on a solid wall. Once that is done you will have a truly amazing result overall.

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