How to Make Your Wooden Windows Stand Out: Five Useful Tips

Great: you’re now the proud owner of a house with some wooden framed windows.  If you live in a home with character, or one that was built before the 1960s, you may have noticed how wooden framed windows enhance their character.

One other aspect of wooden window frames is their potential for embellishment.  Not only in terms of the varnishes, stainings and paints that are available.  You could add your own twist to them.  In this post, we look at five ways to add style to your windows.

  1. Add some window shutters

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By day, window shutters add style to your window frames, whether you choose to have them fitted indoors or outdoors.  Fitted indoors, they are a suitable alternative to net curtains or window blinds.  Fitted outdoors they are aesthetically pleasing, more so with detached or semi-detached cottages rather than terraced houses.

There are several window shutter styles, depending on whether you wish to block out all the light or only cover half the window.  Those that cover the bottom half of the windows are continental café style shutters.  Solid shutters are a good option for bedrooms.

  1. Adorn your windows with decorative borders or window covers

Inside or outside, a decorative border could enhance your wooden framed windows.  If, on the outside, your house is painted in a pastel shade, a carefully chosen contrasting color would suit.  For further inspiration, you could look at the ornate window covers seen on Russian houses.  The level of detail is striking.

  1. Consider stained glass

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If you have a wooden door or a suitable bathroom window, why not consider stained glass?  As well as adding style to your wooden framed windows, stained glass is good for privacy.  One of the best places for stained glass is your bathroom.  Instead of stultifying frosted glass, stained glass can enhance the appearance of an otherwise bland bathroom or weedy wet room.

For doorways, they add style to the door itself or the porch.  With conservatories, they can complement the clear glass windows with the openable top windows decorated that way.  If you have already opted for clear windows, you could buy window film with imitation lead beading.

  1. Go for lead beading

Lead beading can enhance the look of your windows, especially with pre-1960s properties.  Typically, lead beading is used on stained glass windows as well as clear windows.  Lead beading may be set to diagonal, hexagonal, or rectangular patterns – and more besides for ornate designs.

You may have opted for lead beading when you had your windows fitted.   Alternatively, you could buy self-adhesive lead beading from DIY stores.  These come in a self-adhesive roll.

  1. Add a window box to your windowsill

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If your humble abode only has a small garden, or no garden at all, a window box could be a useful addition.  As well as adding color to your window frames, they could be useful for growing herbs or other edible plants.

Unless your window happens to be a non-standard design or width, window boxes are among the cheapest ways of making your windows stand out.  The going rate for seeds are very modest. 

Apart from being the cheapest, also the most effective and accessible way, window boxes are readily available from supermarkets, garden centers, DIY stores, and discount stores, as well as online.  

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