How to Market with Instagram

In the past 5 or so years, Instagram has risen from a burgeoning social media platform to one of the leading platforms at the forefront today. Companies make significant amounts of money from paying Instagram models to promote their products, creating engaging posts, and growing their customer base through the platform interaction. By following the tips and steps in this article, you too can grow your ArtFire business through Instagram!

The first step in marketing on Instagram is creating a business account. Like any other social media platform, your business should have an Instagram account separate from your personal account. The business account should be used exclusively for business and should have a link to your ArtFire store to further boost sales. Additionally, when creating your Instagram account, make sure to use the same branding that you’ve used with your ArtFire store. By staying consistent with branding you will create automatic recognition of your brand for your customers.

Once you’ve set up your Instagram account, you should always link back to your site; in Instagram, you can create a clickable link in the bio of your account. Make sure to include it so that interested Instagram users can further explore your company beyond what Instagram is able to offer alone.

Obviously you should show your products in the posts that you create with Instagram however, a fine line that you need to walk as a business with social media is the line between brand interaction and obvious sales pitches. If the only things you are posting to Instagram are obvious ads for your products, you will tend to lose engagement. However, on the other side of that coin, should you only include updates, re-posts, or engagement based posts you will lose the opportunity to make a sale. A good and happy medium is creating a post with an aesthetically pleasing picture including your products. Instagram users really enjoy aesthetically pleasing posts and will be more likely to interact with a post that looks professional and well thought out. You can always show an image of your product, or someone using your product in the image and link to the product in your store in the description.

Utilize hashtags like your life depends on it. Hashtags are a fantastic way to get discovered by new users and grow your fan base. When determining what you want to hashtag you should brainstorm all the relevant buzzwords that could be applied to your brand, your post, and your product. However, you should also do some research on which hashtags are currently trending. Those trending hashtags are going to be what gets you in front of a wider audience ultimately.

Other than using hashtags, branding, and consistent posting, here are a couple other tips that you can use to promote your business on Instagram.

  • Contests
  • Offer special deals and promotions to followers
  • Ask open ended questions in your picture descriptions
  • Utilize the editing tools that Instagram has available to you

If you follow these tips, you will have your instagram up and rolling in no time at all! If you need any additional help promoting your ArtFire store, or have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the ArtFire support team by clicking here. Happy selling!

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