How-to Monetize Your Creative Projects

Maker Mentors hosted a live webinar with with Karen Bertelsen from The Art of Doing Stuff.  You can watch the entire video interview below.


Karen spent the majority of her career working as a TV personality.  She was the host of pretty much every major home decor show in Canada, and got to interview celebrities like Tom Cruise.  And then she quit.

Her career in television wasn’t giving her the life she really wanted. She wanted more freedom over what projects she took on, and how she did them and the way that she taught other people to do them. She wanted to do everything she was doing on TV, but in her very own special Karen way.

And now she makes a full time income doing just that!



In this session, Karen discusses how she made the transition from full-time TV personality to full-time blogger, and shares advice on how you can build a career around your creative passions.

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