How to Pick the Perfect Bed Sheets

Since we spend almost one-third of our lives in bed, it only makes sense to invest a bit of time and money to find the ideal bed sheets.

How To Pick The Perfect Bed Sheets2 The last thing you want is to pay a lot for a bedding set that doesn’t work for you.  Because the bedding material comes in direct contact with the skin, it has a huge impact on the comfort and feel of your bed.  It is important to get sheets that are pleasing to the eye and nice to touch.  The wide variety of materials and patters on the market can make your job quite hard.

Here are a couple of tips to help you find the ideal bed sheets in which you will want to snuggle right away.

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Back in the days, cotton was the most popular bedding material.  Nowadays there is a sheer range of options available in the stores.  From satin to bamboo blends, you can stumble on all kinds of materials.  Before you go out shopping for sheets, be fully aware of what you want.  Consider domestic cleaning and bedding care when choosing your sheets.  Some materials tend to shrink after washing.  Always do a hand test to decide if you like the blends.


It’s no surprise that cotton is one of the most popular bed sheet materials.  It is durable, comfortable and suitable for almost any climate.  The material is often blended with polyester and rayon for strength and shininess.  Cotton has the amazing ability to trap the heath in the cold months and to allow the cool air to pass through in summer.  Plus, it doesn’t require any special cleaning and maintenance.  Cotton sheets come in different blends that affect the bedding’s feel and weight.

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  • Egyptian cotton this type of cotton is grown in Egypt and is acknowledged worldwide as the most durable, lustrous and beautiful cotton produced.  Along with the Pima and Sea Island cottons, these bedding materials are the golden standard.  True Egyptian cotton is grown and processed according to specific requirements and has high thread count, usually above 200.  Be sure you are buying from trustworthy and quality manufacturer.
  • Combed cotton – this cotton undergoes the process of removing shorter fibers and impurities from the material to create soft and smooth fibre.
  • Flannel cotton this material is a blend of cottons and is highly popular for its warmth.
  • Muslin cotton – muslin is rougher, yet tougher than other beddings. It is usually used for children’s bedding. The material tends to fade more than other bed sheets after washing and cleaning.


Bamboo blends are quickly becoming a preferred choice for bedding sets in the recent years for its sustainable and antimicrobial features.  Although it is extremely resilient, it is very soft to touch.  The thermo-regulating and breathable material keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Bamboo is not demanding in terms of cleaning, washing and drying.  It is a great option for people with allergies and sensitive skin.


Linen sheets are ideal for hot climates because they absorb the body heat.  Unless you like your sheets wrinkled, be prepared for a lot of ironing after cleaning and drying them.  Linen and silk blend look romantic and stylish, but it can be slippery and uncomfortable.  

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Whatever type of sheets you pick, be sure your bedding combines both functionality and style.

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