How To Sell Your Products in Retail Shops

Do you sell products online? Are you struggling to increase your revenue? Have you considered selling your products in retail?

Selling your products in retail shops can be a great way to grow your business.  Landing a wholesale account with a store allows you to grow your brand, reach new customers and increase the number of products you are able to sell each month.  And retailers are always on the hunt for great products created from independent designers.

So how can you get started selling your products to retailers?

Learning HOW to build a wholesale business is the easy part.  There are thousands of articles and books and blog posts that can show you how to package your products, pitch retailers and build a successful wholesale business.  The hard part of building a wholesale business is creating a plan that is manageable and designed to help you reach your individual business goals.

How much time will you spend finding new retailers to sell your products?  How much will you charge these retailers?  Will the time you spend building this business affect the sales on your online shop?  Will you make more money selling to retailers?  How much more?  How long will it take you to build this into a consistent revenue stream for your business?  These are the questions that you will not find answers to in a book or blog post.

The best way to get these answers is to learn from someone who has first-hand experience building this type of business.

An entrepreneur with experience selling products into retail can provide insights no one else can on the specific obstacles you will face getting started.  This is why we have brought three incredible creative entrepreneurs together for a three-day live online workshop that will teach you how to start selling your products in retail shops.

Let’s meet the experts.


Meet Ashley Garner of Printable Wisdom

Ashley Gardner Founded Printable Wisdom in the summer of 2012, out of a need to do something besides stare at medical textbooks all day.  Ashley had always created art for her own walls, but it wasn’t until a family friend commissioned her for wedding invitations that she realized this could be a business.  Ashley launched Printable Wisdom so that she could expand the number of people she reached with her art.  Printable Wisdom focuses on creating  typographic and hand-lettered designs that turn words into works of art.  They have built an active online community around their products, which are now carried in retail shops around the world.

From Etsy to Nordstrom, Ashley Gardner along with her husband, Daniel Gardner, has transformed Printable Wisdom into a product that is sold in retail shops around the world, both big and small.  Ashley will be giving an inside look at how she built her business, and showing you how to find the right retailers for your product during our live online workshop.

Meet Beth Snyder of 1canoe2

Beth is a lifelong crafty entrepreneur.  It all started with a pyramid scheme to sell friendship bracelets in 4th grade that ended in the principal’s office! She is now one of the founders of 1canoe2, an illustration company that designs stationery and gift products.

What started as two friends with some very big dreams, 1canoe2 is an illustration and stationery company inspired by their rural surroundings.  Today, 1canoe2 products can be found in over 1000 retail locations worldwide including Anthropologie and Paper source.  Beth is a proven expert at helping people get their products into retail stores.  Beth will show you how to create a pitch that makes retailers fall in love with your products during our live online workshop.

Meet Giselle Gyalzen of Rare Device.

Giselle is the owner of Rare Device and with the support of her husband and the help of her wonderful staff, she successfully runs both Rare Device stores.  She moved to San Francisco from the Philippines 19 years ago, and bought Rare Device from the store’s previous owners Rena Tom and Lisa Congdon in 2011.

Selling whimsical and lovely handmade items from all over the world, Giselle Gyalzen buys products from a variety of makers to sell in her store, Rare Device, which is located in San Francisco.  Giselle will be sharing her unique perspective as a shop owner of what it’s like to purchase from vendors and learn her best tips for getting products featured in stores during our live online workshop.

Maker Mentors live online workshop with Giselle, Beth and Ashley starts on Monday. You can get access for $67 if you sign up with discount code “RetailNow.”  Get all of the details and sign up here.

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