How to Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Maker Mentors hosted a live webinar with Sumeera Rasul.  You can watch the entire video interview below.

What are the gaps in the fashion industry that you can take advantage of?  How can you bypass middle man?  How do you keep more of your profits so that you can grow fast?

Sumeera Rasul

This session will touch on how to create a disruptive business model that connects with the deepest desires, fears and aspirations of your customer through the power of digital.  It will teach you steps to create a cohesive experience that not only promotes your brand’s higher purpose, but also creates desire around your products using your digital ecosystem.

In this session, you will learn the basics of how to create a profitable fashion or home goods business.


About Sumeera:

Sumeera Rasul was named by GOOD 100 as a thought leader and social innovator at the cutting edge of creative impact.  Her mission is to create a place of inspiration, learning and support for creative entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world through sustainable ideas.

Sumeera has extensive experience in creating 3 successful fashion and soft goods businesses, including MadesmithDia Living and Madesmith Academy.  She has formed successful large scale strategic partnerships with tech and design giants, like Pinterest.  Sumeera grew up in a family business of apparel manufacturing and international trade.  After working 16 years in branding, advertising and marketing for the best brands in the world including Apple, Nike, GE and Starbucks, Sumeera created Madesmith, a premium platform for emerging makers and designers.  Along with her sister, Nadia Rasul, she has created three successful sustainable businesses online.  Together, they work with hundreds of fashion and home goods designers to help them creative thriving businesses.

Sumeera teaches branding and marketing at Madesmith Academy and Textile Arts Center.  She holds an MBA from TRIUM (a joint degree between NYU, London School of Economics and HEC Paris.

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