How To Take Care of Wooden Windows

The charm seen in, for example, French bay windows is undeniably the coaxing of blissful thought processes. You can almost envision these beautiful wooden windows opening onto a soft scented, manicured and flower filled garden.

How about a gentle summer’s breeze that seeks and rests on  your skin while you escape into a great book?

Photo by countrygarden

Photo by countrygarden

All this sublime can be rudely awoken when trying to open those exact mentioned wooden windows only to be met with squeaky hinges or how about jagged uneven frames that hinder easy open-close mechanisms. What about rain that enters through those same windows to stain a day laze bed or chair which together with the heat release odors from wood rot? Don’t be surprised with pest invasions like termites that seek wood to survive.

Here’s the thing about wooden windows: While they might present a “warmer and suburban” family-like ambiance to any dwelling, neglect them long enough and you may find yourself wanting to escape your home and by that I mean not into a book!

The Secret

  • Timber windows need to be checked regularly. Like any monthly process to your home, you need to check the hinges, coating, warping and general condition of the wood.
  • Window frames need to be wiped down with a wet water absorbing cloth once a week and with a PH balanced solvent. Anything harsher could see long term damages to the general timber composite.
  • While oil based solutions are opted for a more sheen look and overall treatment of the wood, a bi-annual water based sealant is actually the best way to proceed.
  • Whereas varnish can look great for a glossed and healthy looking finish, sun damage can cause the varnish to harden and see its brittle to chip off as easily as you can imagine nail varnish chipping off a nail. This will then warrant the need for a sanding down of the frame for a refurbishment.
  • Treatment of windows are needed for the general timber against rot, cracking, termite, and other microscopic pests. Consultation with a hardware store or window specialist will allow you to make an informed DIY product purchase.
  • Wooden window hinges need to be oiled at least once a month while ensuring no oil spills remain as a combination of oil seep and sun exposure can result in grit build up. Additional dust on oil spills forms an unhealthy layer to your wooden window frames. Often a water base solvent is preferred to oil depending on the individual and their capacity to clean the window frame.
  • Rain and moisture swell has seen windows not close shut onto the frame as a result of water infiltration into the wood. This can result in rot, swelling and unpleasant odors among a few side effects pertaining to hydro impact.
  • Rot needs to be chiseled off until the good wood is “mined.” A filler needs to take effect, followed by a sand down and finished with a solvent based light varnish.
  • To examine where an unevenness to a wooden window frame starts and ends, two people need to be positioned between the glass window. That means, one person inside and one outside the house with the window closed. Then inserting a crisp cash note slid between the unbalance parts of the window that presents a gap, each person takes an end of the note moving it simultaneously along the frame. Where the note “catches” is where the window is ok. Repeat the process wherever a gap in the frame exists and this can help you determine if the entire wooden frame needs to be replaced or only in part.
  • Window finishes like brass handles and rope sashes need to be maintained for shine and fray damage.

Much can be said about the sentiment that resonates and is invoked by wooden framed windows. However, much can also be said of the need to maintain them and the consequences of not!

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