How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Maker Mentors hosted a live webinar with Jodi Kostelnik.  You can watch the entire video interview below.

Do you run a business and want to learn how to use Instagram to make the most of your grammin’ time?

I’m going to share some tips, tools, and advice to demonstrate how and why Instagram can help you grow your following and make marketing fun again.

You will take away info such as:
  • Discovering the benefits that Instagram can bring to your business
  • Specific action items on how to make it work for you
  • Brainstorm ideas on what to post
  • Discuss tools and resources to help make Instagramming easier


About Jodi:


Jodi Kostelnik has run her design business, Hello Neighbor Designs, for the past 10 years.  She recently switched her focus to working only with clients in the food industry.  By focusing in on what she loves most (food + design!), along with starting up Instagram, she has been able to grow her business much more quickly over the past year than she has over the previous 9 years.

With so many creative juices flowing, she wanted another outlet to share her work and The Neighborgoods — her line of screen printed, foodie-themed home goods — was born.

Being anti-social media just one year ago, Jodi decided to take a workshop and met her “Instagram gurus” at  They helped guide her along the path of becoming the grammin’ addict that she is today.  Both of her businesses have benefited enormously from putting herself out there on Instagram — particularly through the online community it has helped her build.  She wants to share some of her tips and tools to help you benefit as well!

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