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Here at the ArtFire office we love data & analytics that help us quantify how users engage (or don’t engage) with content we’re sharing.

When it comes to email marketing, we can spot trends in popular topics simply by looking at the open rates & click rates of various email campaigns we’ve sent featuring ArtFire products. These insights are based on the most popular content we’ve shared in the month of May:

 Moroccan Fantasies

It’s a meditative experience looking at the complex and symmetrical patterns of Moroccan decor.  It is very rare to see humans or animals represented in NorthWest African design, as Islam is the primary religion and forbids this usage.  Lanterns adorn the ceilings and seating is typically low to the ground. This collection pays homage to the spicy pigments of deep crimson, rich cumin and intense indigo.

moroccan fantasiesWatermelon Tourmaline

It is hard to believe your eyes when you see this brilliant gemstone for the first time. Watermelon Tourmaline can only be found in a handful of places in the US including California, Connecticut and Maine. Its worldwide origins are  South Africa, Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. The name Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese word Turamali meaning “mixed” because it has the widest color range of any other stone.

watermelon tourmalineHandmade Soap

This collection begins with a Seller Spotlight for Bonnie Klisiewicz Bartley of Soapsmith, who has been making soap for the past 30 years. In her article, she shares her successes of selling out a massive gem stone soap order on and also selling great quantities on the Home Shopping Network, both of which found her right here on ArtFire. The other soaps in this collection stand out because of their luscious textures, vibrant colors, unorthodox ingredients and scents that make us wish there was a scratch and sniff application for our computer screens.

handmade soapOn-Site Search & Sales Analytics

The most common search terms for the month of May were baking, rose quartz, robots, mens bags and jewelry.  The products with the highest amount of unique purchases were a video tutorial on how to make a rotator cuff followed by a seasonally available skein of yarn that’s coloration resembles that of a zombie and an organic leave in conditioner. It seems that people are preparing for the Fall by whipping up some zombie knits and keeping their hair moisturized and protected from the sun this summer.   —————————————————————————————————————————————————–

April Analytics Published: May 16th, 2014

Bubbles that Never Burst

What’s there not to like about bubbles? Reflective, iridescent floating spheres inspired the most popular collection in April, receiving two times more clicks then any other collection. 17th century paintings prove that soap and water have been used to form bubbles as entertainment for at least 400 years. Their fragility and impermanence are part of what makes them so magical, but the products in this collection are Bubbles that Never Burst! bubbles  

Minty Fresh

This light and airy pastel hue is everywhere and with good reason, it’s quite soothing and easy on the eyes. Mint green skyrocketed in popularity last Spring and is still one of the most chosen colors for fashion, decor and weddings. Mint especially compliments gold, peach and gray shades and something about it just feels good.   minty  

Craving Cobalt

Cobalt blue is a bold and electrifying color that commands a lot of attention and this collection was no exception. Cobalt is Pantone’s color of spring this year although it is suitable for year round use. Intense and powerful, cobalt is a sight to behold.


On-Site Search Analytics

We all wish we knew what products people are most interested in buying, by accessing the most searched for terms, we are definitely on the right track. The top five most desirable search terms in April were: soap, wedding, iPhone case, beads and invitations. All of which are repeat popular search terms, except for “wedding.” Another way to determine product popularity is observing sales performance and the most units sold, throughout all of ArtFire. In the true spirit of Spring, over 1,000 units of baby shower invitations were sold. Buyers were prepared to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with their Recycled Earth Day Keychains which sold just over 400 units and we also saw a 415% rise of eco-friendly products in general from April to March. —————————————————————————————————————————————————–

March Analytics Published: April 15, 2014

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Desert Delights This Fantastic Finds email launched our new design format. Expanding upon the former 15 item themed campaigns, we now feature 21 products hand selected from ArtFire curators along with a current Nosh blog post, a link to current contests and trending categories according to analytics. This gives viewers a more complete picture of what is happening site-wide. This particular edition showcases Beat Boxing Navajo Flutist, Tygel Pinto as well as a collection of succulents and cacti from the SouthWest.  Buyers took a little bit of the desert home with them, making this the second most popular campaign in the month of March.   cactus upload   Clothes Fit for Curves This collection of wearables promotes ArtFire shops catering to all shapes and sizes, allowing everyone to look their best. The response was phenomenal, reaching record breaking impressions on analytics stats. This was not only the most successful collection of the month, but for the entire year thus far.  Organizers of the world’s first Body Love Conference  gave advice on the “5 Steps to Loving Your Body the Way it is,” which we hope engaged our readers in the important discussion of health & body positivity.   curves upload Jewelry Displays Without proper jewelry storage, your glittering jewels can quickly turn into a ball of tangled frustration. The following products provide solutions to this all too common predicament. As the third most popular theme of the month, racking up over 1,300 unique clicks, it’s clear that buyers have jewelry organization on their minds. Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 1.40.45 PM   On-Site Search Analytics One of the great mysteries of selling is decoding what the buyer wants. ArtFire uses two strategies to find this information and we want to share this knowledge with our sellers.  The first thing you do on a website when you know exactly what you want is type it into the search bar, right? The top five search terms in March were: robots, copper, crochet, beads and labradorite. All of which are repeat popular search terms, except for “beads” which is new on the radar. Another detective tactic is observing the sales performance of particular categories. Apparently, there was a lot of crocheting going on in March, as over 400 individual, unique buyers purchased PDF crochet patterns for shirts and dresses. We agree, there is nothing quite as satisfying as making your own outfits. That concludes the March installment of Insights from Analytics, we hope you have found this information useful. Join us next month as we uncover what trends buyers are loving in April! —————————————————————————————————————————————————–

February Analytics Published: March 6, 2014

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Mustard Yellows

For the month of February, the Mustard Yellow collection got the most attention. This shade of yellow, which was all over the place in the 60’s and 70’s has made a serious comeback in the last year, probably due to it’s subtle cheeriness & ability to look good with any skin tone.
Mustard Yellows Wins Color of the Month!

Mustard Yellows Wins Color of the Month!


Elaborate embroidery designs have been a mark of wealth & status in many cultures as far back as the 3rd Century BC. Embroidery techniques have stayed true to their original roots and time has hardly changed the art.

ebroidery collection

Embroidery Collection

Lovely Labradorite 

Labrador, Canada is where this luminescent feldspar mineral comes from. The glow that makes labradorite so stunning is an optical phenomenon known as labradorescence, caused by light diffraction between adjacent layers of lamellar inter-growths within the  mineral.
Labradorite Collection

Labradorite Collection


On-site Search Analytics

We also took a look at the most common search terms and best performing categories. In February, shoppers wanted to find items having to do with “robots,” “rings,” and “crochet.”

As far as sales go, in February nothing sold quite as well as charms, selling over 600 units in total.

We hope you enjoyed gaining a little insight into the beneficial world of web analytics, we will be back next month to let you know what’s hot on ArtFire for the month of March!

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