It’s Shark Week, How Are You Celebrating?

  I just found out that it’s the 25th annual shark week on Discovery Channel!  Experts say that there are more reasons for sharks to be afraid of us than us of them.  I don’t know if I agree with that…let’s just say it’s equal:)  After watching Jaws I think many of us still think of sharks as scary animals to watch out for.   In the heart of supporting the research of these intriguing animals, sharks I figured why not check out what’s on Artfire and see how people are celebrating these interesting animals. –Sharks in Stained Glass Swimming Around a Shipwreck and Treasure Chest, $870  This would be cool to see on a window where the sun is shining through. -I would never wear this…but, maybe someone going to a sports event…or celebrating this week.  Plush Shark Hat – Blue Tie-Dye, $42 -A fun way for someone who loves sharks to work it into their style.  San Jose Sharks Inspired Feather Earrings in Teal and Black, $22 -How fun would these soaps be for kids for bath time?  8 Clean Dive Kid Soap Favors, Party Favors, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Beach Party, Pool Party, Shark Party, $16. -Ok, this is just fun since it’s a Hawaiian shirt.  Just perfect for the theme…so why not?:)  XL Hawaiian Shirt Sharks $74 I hope you enjoy the rest of the week watching all that sharks and the Discovery Channel have to offer with unique features on how these predators live in the ocean. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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